Empathy, a word so light but full of meaning, in my thoughts I embrace empathy as a master key to overcome some life challenges. The ability to put oneself in someone else’s shoes to connect with their feeling. Kenya Television Network (KTN) televises a program “my day with you” to give you a glimpse … More Empathy

Mind Perspectives

  Mind perspectives hails from the school of thought that the brain perceives the universe differently depending on how it’s conditioned. This blog seeks to bring this to light whilst using practical day to day examples to help can make this crystal clear and go further in revealing how this conditioning can be changed or […]

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Believe in yourself!

We are created for a myriad of purposes, some of which we get to realize within our lifetime, each and every of us with our own purpose and packed (blessed) with different capabilities, like the old sales phrase went “Ribena berries, packed with goodness!” We must therefore make it our main responsibility to find out … More Believe in yourself!

“See your life”

  While we refer our thinking of today on our past experiences, we go by life comparing our “now” decisions with events that have already occurred in the past, events that we can relate with and make most sense out of for the sake of our own understanding. This write-up is based on the understanding … More “See your life”