“When you are neither here nor there”



In life, there shall always be a list of things that need to get done and those that make it to another list that shall remain undone.

You need a balance to make it happen, balance between making it happen and getting it done; difficult work I must say but hard work has its place if you wish to accomplish anything in life and so does balance.

However, the sacrifice should never be your life, its quality or your happiness.

In as much as hard work means probable ability to provide, Overworking does not translate to over ability to provide. It rather leads to anxiety and stress which form a perfect foundation for poor decision making. (A topic to watch out for in this blog)

Quality time is achieved when one is present and loves what they do, how they do and in each action they carry out, you should be conscious and present in the moment.

Being present is one difficult task; Imagine you being at home with the kids “Supposedly” having a good time while your mind is busy analyzing tasks back in the office, it means you are neither home nor in the office. As your physical being is at home while your mental being in the office (incognito) and vice versa when you get to the office.

You can never convince yourself that you were committed.

Usually depicted by the saying “you are neither here nor there” or in Swahili upo na haupo.

Perhaps the best perspective you can begin with in the morning is imagining your own funeral. It calls upon a truth to one self and this forms a basis for important questions; would you tell yourself that you were committed to those who really mattered or would you convince yourself that you lived how you best wanted or just liked most.

Typical of life, it always presents “other” tasks while you are right in the middle of another, as if it never wants you to accomplish anything to its best and to the best of your ability.

It’s far much better to accomplish one job fully and perfectly than to carry out 100 tasks and leave them all incomplete.

At any one time you should be able to stop and ask yourself these questions. What is really important today? What is important now? This helps you focus in the present or you could do this simple exercise to teaser your mind back into present.

  1. Count from 60 to 1 backwards.
  2. Find a tongue twister that challenge you the most.
    1. She sells sea shells at the sea show
    2. The long lorry rolled along the long Likoni road.

Whichever of the above that works your tongue the most (Context in mind Kenyans).

Challenge yourself to live in the present, there will always be a list of things that will need to get done no matter how hard you chase and things that will remain undone and so can wait! Take on the challenge.

Don’t take life too seriously, it is meant to be a joy no matter what you are doing. For many, life has become a competition of being better or having more than their neighbors, folks and friends.

“Keeping up with the Kardashians”, that is how the western world lives and how we in the third developing countries tend to emulate.

If we have less “materially speaking” we feel less of a human, if we have more our egos explode, this isn’t how life is designed to be, if you are chasing things you will never be happy and will always chase.

If you think money is more important, try counting your money with your breath held. Money is not the answer, living fully now is the answer, love, kindness, compassion, Happiness is the answer

There is nothing wrong with money or being extremely wealthy, there are so many great people on earth who have realized this and do great things in life, I have seen a few, one Mannu Chandaria and another Octopizo, looking even further I come across more names including Jaguar, Nameless and Wahu,


Don’t wait till it’s too late to understand what is really important in life or when it’s too late to be happy, life is meant to be a joy.



Frank Odhiambo – Mind grid perspectives


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