Believe in yourself!


We are created for a myriad of purposes, some of which we get to realize within our lifetime, each and every of us with our own purpose and packed (blessed) with different capabilities, like the old sales phrase went “Ribena berries, packed with goodness!” We must therefore make it our main responsibility to find out who we truly are in the inside. What we are best packed and equipped with to help us achieve our purposes in life. However, most of us don’t become the best of what we can ever be simply because we are too busy chasing life and not taking into account developing oneself.

Our bodies are our main vessels granted to us by God to help carry us around, which come packed with capabilities to assist us live a full life.

Unfortunately, we don’t look at it like this and end up spending most of our time learning other persons existing around us and how best we can get their approvals for the ideas we hold in our own minds, our own perspectives.

It is necessary to realize that when one wishes to bring dreams to life, they must first have self-believe, that place where dreams are rooted within us, way before anyone else can say they believe in us.

Self-belief should make you admire and appreciate that person you see looking back at you when you stand in front of a mirror. This is the main end product for self-belief.

How do we attain this?

I advise a quick start on appreciation of the unique strengths we can identify within us. Try and Identify as many as you can. The more you identify, the better self belief you will build. List them down, go further and associate them with those qualities you poses and like in you, those that you find pride in, the ones that would make you ask God “Lord why are these characters not in me” that is if you came across them in someone else. Gratitude for the blessings you identify in your own life, this helps you learn to appreciate oneself whilst going a long way in helping you build an association with the value you bring to the world.

Other exercises you can involve in to get this extensively done are-:

  • Identify values in you.
  • Appreciate your uniqueness.
  • Identify areas within you that you need to improve.
  • Identify ways and how to improve.

Note: Don’t rush, engage in every of the above exercises to completion giving it your undivided attention.

Develop a habit of seeking these subtle qualities you appreciate within you, self-belief is not an exception, it is a prevailing attitude.

Do this one at a time successfully to completion. It is a difficult task and sometimes  mental doubts arise, which is quite normal, everyone gets them including the successful people you know.

The difference is that they don’t let their minds stay there, they keep flooding ideas into their minds filled with positive thoughts that drown away the doubts, this is how one deals with the opposing thoughts in mind to keep glued and focused onto the course, this should not stop and should be made a continuous exercise to realize its full benefit.

Self-belief is incontrovertible, malice may attack it and ignorance may deride it but at the end it still stands. Understanding that you are unique and have something special in you, something that makes you real and confident because you are packed with a reservoir of it inside, full of what you truly offer. When you gain this knowledge of what you are, a proper belief system will develop and build on your uniqueness.

It is believed that if one spends an hour everyday studying their chosen field, they will be experts in that particular field within a short period of time ranging from 3 to 5 years depending on the individual. That right there is a formula for attaining self-belief, one that you can confidently rely on.

Some of the benefits one realizes when they have self belief include;

  1. Self-awareness,
  2. Confidence,
  3. Creation of new associations with people,
  4. Ability to interact better with the people around them,
  5. Ability to identify current achievable goals,
  6. Self-appreciation,
  7. Increased chances of success,
  8. Better understanding of the things around us,
  9. Self drive power.

The world is a tough place, getting what you want requires that you put yourself into a position to succeed, that depends on your thoughts which in turn depend on your self-belief, how you internalize everything when no one is around to tap your back or shoot you down because of your idea makes the whole difference. Believe in yourself enough to accept that you have an equal right to a well lived successful life.

I leave you with a few inspiring quotes to help ignite more on this subject, make something worthwhile our of this “Believe in yourself” article.

  1. Believe in yourself, connect with yourself, feel it, it is there inside of you waiting for you to discover it by yourself.
  2. Give yourself that definition you know best, not that known best by others; Do not sell by how the world describes you, rather rise by the way you define yourself.
  3. You negotiate better with the knowledge of your value and understanding of what you are.
  4. “If you don’t believe in yourself why and how would anyone else believe in you? “




Frank Odhiambo.

Mind grid perspectives.


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