Mind Perspectives


Mind perspectives hails from the school of thought that the brain perceives the universe differently depending on how it’s conditioned.

This blog seeks to bring this to light whilst using practical day to day examples to help can make this crystal clear and go further in revealing how this conditioning can be changed or altered to achieve goals.

While we base our thinking of today on our past experiences, we go by life comparing our “now” decisions with events that have already occurred in the past, events that we can relate with and make most sense out of for the sake of our own understanding.

This write-up is based on the understanding that we can achieve anything we perceive.

Content in this blog thus revolve around factors that play a major role in how the brain is wired and works.

We are all created differently and decode what we see, hear and feel based on our life experiences, which form the foundation to what we believe as true. This is quite ok as all humans are as unique as their own finger prints and that’s just the way it is.

All human perspectives are correct so long as they are supported by facts.

I shall try my best to keep it very simple for ease of my followers understanding.

For example “See your life now” a common Nigerian phrase used to express emotions and depending on the emotions felt change the meaning of the same phrase.

Communication aids used above, picture and wording.

Depending on your current emotions, the above picture ignites different meanings

If am to help my followers visualize different options out of the same phrase and picture using the feelings they bear inside to perceive the phrase as true.

  1. Looser perspective – See your life now expresses disgust when one’s life has turned out bad having had them advised but opting not to take the advice
  2. Winner perspective – See your life now expresses delight after following advice offered to them.

See how you fair with this the following example: “Why do you always lack?”

I hope I make this interesting enough to keep you sustain interest as the same time help with your day to day perceptions of your universe and decision making.


Frank Odhiambo – Mind perspectives.

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