Goal setting!


It’s that time of the year we need to review our year resolution and get to check off those goals we have already achieved against those we are still pending.

We all have goals that each of us wish to achieve, some great and some small. Some burning desire to achieve specific goals within our lifetime, desire that propel us not just to survive but yearn for passion to thrive.

We have definitely achieved some tremendous goals in life before, accomplished what we once held in mind as mere thoughts and imagination, or merely a topic of interest and so clearly understand that goals are attainable.

While others seem to be making astronomical leaps forward and achieving outlandish goals as individuals, we find it difficult to see things through when it comes to our personal goals and come up with ingenious ways to help keep us on track with what we seem to think life is.

It’s not easy achieving goals, that much is certain. When you couple that with our insatiable thirst for better life where we’re always reaching for something better than we already have, we find ourselves in a life challenge,  that that calls for identifying desired goals we wish to achieve then set forth to work at attaining them.

The greatest problem that most people face is the failure to set specific goals and stick to them as well as failure to remain focused on attaining them.

The best way to achieve any goal in life is to not only set specific goals, but also to go ahead and plan an execution and the actions necessary in accordance with achieving a goal.

Undoubtedly, achieving any goal requires acute self-discipline. It involves a conscious awareness of our actions and the ability to overcome some of the bad habits that might be holding us back. Instilling self-discipline into our lives is not an easy task, it requires an unwavering attention to our actions and an unrelenting drive for wanting to achieve what we have set our minds on.

However, on a positive and advantageous note, there’s a system for achieving goals. It can be broken into seven steps and acronymed as “SMARTER”. Implementation of this allows for achievement of any goals our hearts desires. We shall breakdown the process into distinct steps that take advantage of little tasks each day to drive one towards the attainment of a specific goal.

1 (S) — Specific goals.

You have to ensure that you are specific on what goals you wish to achieve, don’t just say you wish to be rich rather identify a characteristic that comes with your understanding of being “rich” and work at it. Attaining the characteristics of a desired goal means you are already have that that you desire.

2 (M) — Meaningful.

Ensure that they’re meaningful to you. We get embraced by strive to do more to achieve what has most meaning to us.

3 (A) — Achievable. 

Ensure your goal is achievable according to your understanding of the resources, capabilities and opportunities you can clearly comprehend.

4 (R) — Relevant. 

This is the concept of a topic being connected to another in a way that makes it useful in the course pursued.

5 (T) — Time-bound.

Goals must be time guided to ensure commitment at all time in order to attain goal. Time ensures steady movement towards goal while ensuring delivery within a specific set time. This also ensures seriousness in committing to a goal. You can as well use time as an indicator to gauge progress towards attaining the goal, which in turn determines your drive and dictates commitment.

6 (E) — Evaluate progress along the way.

When goals are time-bound, they can be evaluated, allowing one to track progress along the way. The more meticulous you track your goals, the more likely you’ll be in following through. Identify benchmarks that can help evaluate how far and how much you need to put in to ensure delivery within the set time.

7 (R) — Re-adjust your approach to reach your goals.

Circumstances keep changing all times making it harder to follow exact plans laid before commencement of goal attainment. When you evaluate progress and realize that you’re tasks are bound to deliver you away from your goals rather than to them, you can re-adjust approach and or methodology used and adapt to that which best fits to keep one on course. This gives you a moment to correct things.

These seven steps are set to put you in the course of collusion with your goals, ensuring the day to day tasks identified automatically takes you there where you desire.

1. Clearer Focus.

Properly thought out, goals clearly set out your intentions and desires.

2. Optimum Use of Resources as well as control.

3. Effective Use of Time

4. Peace of Mind

5. Clarity in Decision Making

6. Easier Measurement of What You Do

7. More Freedom of Thought

8. Easier Communication with Others

9. Quicker results.

Take some time and think about the specific benefits you would gain from goal setting. How that motivates you to start working at them?

It is worthwhile thinking about both the of goals you set and and how you arrive at tasks and activities that propel you to them.

Here is more to keep in mind while on this topic of goal setting are

  1. Set Goals That Motivate You.
  2. Set SMARTER Goals.
  3. Goals must be put in Writing.
  4. Identify tasks and activities that will propel you to specific goals.
  5. Develop an Action Plan.
  6. Work at it with all you have and ensuring you remain in focus.
  7. Visualize yourself as having achieved your goals.



Frank Odhiambo.

Mind Grid Perspectives.

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