Rise above your thoughts!


What are thoughts? And how can you rise above them to better your life?

Thinking is a process that generates a series of thought in form of ideas or opinions which occurs in the mind. It occurs whether one wishes or not and is occasionally characterized by intrusive ideas that dislodge the mind from tasks at hand. We call this compulsive thinking and occurs as an addiction; why do I call it an addiction, simply because one no longer remembers that they have “stop” as a choice let alone control of what thoughts come by the mind. It usually presents stronger and gives a false sense of pleasure that invariably bears a list of consequences.

Human thinking is repetitive and dysfunctional and often negative in nature. This causes a serious leakage of vital mental energy as the mental factory is kept running whilst low production of noble positive ideas is generated. It consists of mental activities and can only be kept going through constant thinking. The mind continuously thinks because it believes it would cease the moment it stops thinking.

As you grow older, you form a solid mental image of your own self, that who you believe you are, based on your personal, social, environmental and cultural conditioning. We may call this the phantom of self-ego. In this context, we shall use the definition of ego as a false self-created mental image of yourself.

To the ego, the present moment hardly exists, only the past and the future get considered as important. This reversal of the truth accounts for the fact that the ego mode mind is dysfunctional, ignoring now and favoring yesterday, always concerned with keeping the past alive and hoping that the future will get better. (Entrusting hope as the creator of the good yet to come). It constantly projects itself into the future and says: “One day, when this and that happens, this and that will occur”. Failing to connect current occurrences to future events. Even when the ego appears to be concerned with the present, It miss-perceives it completely as it observes through the lenses of the past events.

Dominion was man’s original birthright, but his ego has adapted weakness and limitation, disconnecting man with dominion as his birthright. Replacing weakness, sadness, poverty and slavery in place of strength, wealth, happiness and freedom. Man can do what he says he can and can’t when he says he cannot.

There is no way a man succeeds when he thinks, sleeps and talks failure; harbor thoughts of failure and arrive at failure in style. Similarly to that man who harbors thoughts of success, he arrives at success in style.

One can’t go at opposite directions at the same time, neither can they get strong while harboring convictions of weakness or be happy while drawing from mysteries or misfortunes.

Allow me to introduce doubt while on this; what is doubt? Doubt is that constant self-reminder of inability to achieve tasks at hand, self-questioning that puts inner potential in a “court dock”. Doubt kills certainty to accomplish, until one erases limiting thoughts of fate, can’t and doubt from their vocabulary, success becomes a shot too far to take.

Nothing makes the mind inefficient and renders it unfit for effective thinking as constant reminders and acknowledgements of weakness or doubt of one’s inability to accomplish what they have set their minds to do.

Majority of people who fail begin by doubting their ability to do the things they attempt. When you let doubt into your mind, you let the enemy into your camp, a spy who will betray you, doubt belongs to the failure family and once admitted and not expelled will introduce Mr. “take it easy, Mr. Light up a little, Mr. It’s never that serious, Mr. Hope is good enough” and then the other members of the failure family start mushrooming in colonies. They then attract qualities of themselves, relatives I’d call them; that marks the beginning of the end of your ambitions.

Longing for achievements becomes in vein when you entertain the idlers and losers, those failures that will destroy your power to nature and attract success, failure soon seats on the senate seat in your own mind and calls for action among its relatives, or should I say “calls the shots”  for better understanding

There is no hope for a man who has lost his mental stamina and given into defeat, given up his will as well as in his struggles to succeed in life.

When you start thinking success is for others, you cannot rise above your own thoughts, and cannot be different from everyone else. This thought is a misconception of yourself, if you really believe you are unhappy, unlucky and miserable, you will be so, there are no patient medicine, drugs or even influence in the world that can get you out of this condition, until you take initiative to change your own thoughts.

People who are powerful and successful do not find space for negativity in their minds, they simply flood them with positive thoughts that see negativity sublime into the thin of the mind, just like light drives away darkens, and the more light you add, the less darkness you see and experience. Use this methodology and affirm strong self-believe by eliminating doubt and uncertainty from mind.

Never let you or anyone shake your confidence and self-reliance, for it is your foundation of all great achievement. Eliminate fear, doubt and uncertainty. Your mind cannot function with vigor in the presence of an once of doubt.

An ignorant man who believes in himself and is driven by faith, self-confidence, self-reliance and belief that he can do the things he undertakes often puts to shame a college bred man with a lessened self-confidence and whose decision is weakened by constant self-reminders of inability accompanied by conflicting thoughts, theories, prejudice and always open to convictions.

A culture bred man cripples that executive mental faculty of his own mind.

40 pointers to assist you “Rise above your thoughts”.

  1. Rise above negative thoughts to positive ones.
  2. Rise above bad weather by removing the label “bad”
  3. Rise above realizing failure to realizing success.
  4. Rise above difficulties to solutions.
  5. Rise above what is interesting to what is meaningful.
  6. Rise above your past and embrace your present
  7. Rise above criticism and extract good from everything.
  8. Cherish the lesson rather that the events
  9. Rise above a I can’t, drop the “ ’t” and explore I “CAN”
  10. Rise above individual expectations to common goals.
  11. Rise above hoarding and explore De-cluttering.
  12. Rise above trapped in thought to a free mind.
  13. Rise above outer thrills and seek inner calm.
  14. Rise above if only to what if.
  15. Rise above negative talk to positive inner dialogue.
  16. Rise above doubts to affirmations.
  17. Rise above hearing to actual listening.
  18. Rise above “I should” to “I did”.
  19. Rise above blaming to role playing.
  20. Rise above need to choice.
  21. Rise above reactive to proactive.
  22. Rise above complexity to simplicity
  23. Rise above time bound to expected delivery date.
  24. Rise above limitations to availability.
  25. Rise above walls to boundaries
  26. Rise above hopeful destinations to enjoying the journey.
  27. Rise above short-lived to legacy.
  28. Rise above approval seeking to self-belief.
  29. Rise above emotional to factual.
  30. Rise above “What I get” to “What I give”.
  31. Rise above rushing through and living the moment
  32. Rise above your anger to calming the angered.
  33. Rise above quantity to quality.
  34. Rise above brilliance to outstanding.
  35. Rise above hate to love.
  36. Rise above your fears to fierce.
  37. Rise above tribe to Nation
  38. Rise above Nation to Continent
  39. Rise above Continent to Planet
  40. Rise above Planet to Universe and while at it, find something else to rise above!

“When a man is gloomy, everything seems to go wrong; when he is cheerful, everything seems to go right!”

Frank Odhiambo – Mind grid perspectives.

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