Do you find your day shaped by those who require you to assist or take part in accomplishing their goals? Welcome to this topic of prioritization and see how well you fair and take advantage of this skill you can add to yourself.
Prioritizing can be defined as deciding which group of items based on a characteristic of what is most important among a list of items listed to be dealt with, those very important things to us that rank high in our list of things to get done.

We all at one time or another have dropped something we were doing or had to attend to someone else’s or something else that we completely had no plan of doing. This present as distractions from the main cause and usually come as interruptions though calls, text, popups or even people talking to us. Harshly put; that time you drop everything to attend to other person’s priorities. We therefore find our day comprising of things that are urgent and those that are important all mixed up in a days work and sometimes find ourselves overwhelmed by those that are of others as opposed to those that are of us.

According to Steven Pressfield’s Principle of priorities, You must know the difference between what is important and what is urgent and must do what is important first if you wish to maximize on the available time.

To help you understand better the terms “Urgent” vs “important” in this context;
Urgent demands that we give our attention now, often relates to other peoples goals and not our own, they can get really addictive because socially we want to feel and remain wanted. They are characterized by alerts and tend to call for attention that needs a reaction to have it done.

Important on the other hand is less quiet, they relate to our own goals and dreams and often requires us to be self starters, they require pro activeness to get done.
Ask yourself…
What am i about? Work on this to know What you stand for to assist you in setting your priorities, you cannot set your priorities right if you do not know what you are about.


What can you do to make your life reflect what you are about.

Put down everything you have done in the past one day or two, then go ahead and answer these questions from observing the list.
1. What kind of a person is this?
2. What are they about?
Your life is a direct reflection of what you do and the habits you form, give yourself a fair judgement while at this, then go further and ask yourself
3. What you can do to be about what you truly are.

How can one prioritize items.
First and foremost you have to know what you want to achieve during the day. Focus on results or the outcome rather than what you need to do, lest you get caught up in the mesh of activities.

When you wish to Maximize your time, you have to prioritize, to achieve this with a little ease; You might want to start by waking up a little earlier than usual as well as approach your to do with the below suggested perspectives.

Stop prioritizing easy and start prioritizing important.
When you have a list of to do, don’t begin by knocking off the easy things. Just because something is easy does not mean it has to be done now, rather do those things that make significant steps forward in achieving your goals, things that contribute towards what you classify as important and meaningful. Stop prioritizing easy, prioritize importance

Stop prioritizing false emergencies.
Do not server everybody’s speedy needy request over what is important. Have you ever asked yourself when a “false emergency” is created, Why is it an emergency for you to do it now and not later? Did you know about this before? What did you do about it?
People will always approach you with things that are needed immediately, advocate for planning rather than for adhoc as a way of maximizing on time available.
You don’t have to attend to interruptions when they pop up just like you do not have to reply to text the moment it comes neither do you have to respond to a mail that moment it pops, this kind of solution to handling your to do list can be diver stating if expanded in the context of a driver replying to a text while driving simply because an alert (disruption) came in.

Identify what is important vs what is urgent.
Don’t do what everyone else does, giving away all your pieces of the day only to find yourself with no time resource for your own tasks.
Take a look at your to do list of the day and mark each item with an “I” or “U”
⦁ “I” for those that are Important and
⦁ “U” for those that are Urgent
Plan to work on what is important first and save what’s urgent for later, this ensures the important tasks do not fall to the way side, the urgent stuff will always get done because they have to. Let others that are not important or urgent fall off the list.

Say no to Interruptions.
You can say no to those interruptions that keep you from accomplishing what you need to accomplish. Be able to say no to bad influences, no to that urge to visit that social media page, while in the middle of something else, no to your phone when you are doing your pushups or finishing that report, no to that message alert from Facebook or Instagram, tell yourself, “I’ll get to that later so that you can continue finishing the most important task”, say no to that Friday night drink while when on family time.
You can set aside a time of day when you attend to this unplanned interruptions that come as false emergencies.
To ensure you do not loose sight of your goal to accomplish that important task, prioritization has to be embraced as a skill, I am certain you are tired of giving up on things that you want to accomplish and are sure you can accomplish.

An exercise
Write down your to do list with activities for the day, Work at identifying a methodology for identifying what’s important vs what’s urgent in your list.
Remember you can never do all that you wish to do bearing time resource is always limited unlike the things to be done.You have to allow the least important and least urgent drop off the list

This means that a plan to carry out the most significant tasks to make ourselves most valuable, and efficient by identifying the important vs the urgent among the items on the list to ensure we carry out the most important when our energies are highest.

Take sometime during the day to prioritize

You achieve more by prioritizing.
Orderly approach to spending your day and time
Strategic and calculated path to success

Ask yourself What differentiates you from the others who have the same time as you do but prioritize their work.
Be the architect of your day and life, say no to everything that destructs you from accomplishing what you need to accomplish.

Frank Odhiambo – Mind Grid Perspectives

5 thoughts on “Prioritizing

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  1. Thanks for helping me on how to prioritize what’s important…how do I ensure that what I planned for the day is what I do? Should I push aside anything that comes up urgently that was not in my to do list?


    1. Dear Vicky,

      Allocate 30 / 45 to 50 minutes per important task if it requires more time you can allocate it to double or triple slots, take a short 10-15 minutes break in between the slots when you can attend to urgent issues that crop up as the day goes.
      Only emergency tasks should override this schedule, work at it until you perfect the art.


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