A dive into the mind and understand how you can improve your life!

Today we take a dive into our minds with the aim of understand how they work.  Your mind is an organ, a tool and a gift from God; That tool you employ to comprehend and solve life challenges and problems. We attain results depending on how much we have developed or utilized its capacity, it... Continue Reading →

Small businesses you can venture into.

With the ever pressing economy, you are more than likely to have experienced insufficient finances at one time or another, an issue we all approach with the hope to solve someday and improve our lives. This condition can however be turned around by self searching and identification of those skills we posses and can provide... Continue Reading →

“Pocket friendly” family activities for quality time with the Kids!

Our lifestyles today have changed a great deal, long gone are the days children spent a bigger percentage of their time with parents, we get sucked into the vortex created by our daily routines to and pressures of life to improve our quality of lives. Getting caught in this paper chasing businesses that we prioritize... Continue Reading →

Personal Development plan

We occasionally feel stuck in life and getting ourselves unstuck feels like the most obvious thing we need to do however, at times the hardest. In this week’s article, I wish to share some research findings on “Personal development plan” or life design plan that explains how goals can be strategically achieved, only this time... Continue Reading →

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