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We occasionally feel stuck in life and getting ourselves unstuck feels like the most obvious thing we need to do however, at times the hardest.

In this week’s article, I wish to share some research findings on “Personal development plan” or life design plan that explains how goals can be strategically achieved, only this time for purposes of self-development to help you get the right mental stamina to keep yourself propelled even during the difficult times.

Implementation of a personal development plan with complete involvement assures change and sky rocketing of one’s life. You need to understand the effects, depth and profound changes.

Below are topics on items one can learn to assist them at such times as well as develop to self-realization.

I am not encouraging dropping off at some point while following this plan, but wish to remind you of the common so called leeway, “You have nothing to lose, so go ahead and try, you can go back to your old ways if you don’t like it”.

The outcome of this might differ from person to person, feel free to change and replace items enlisted to suite your liking, orientation and life, personally tailored for you.

You need to first understand this in a bigger picture to realize its full benefit.

Take time and understand your life vision taking note of ways it’s going to affect you.

  1. Take some time alone

Detach from the programmed structures, those that you find yourself doing whenever some free time is available. Television, addictions, foods, video games, porn; all these take away valuable time, energy and focus.

  1. Put habits into place in your life.

Adapt habits of positivity, waking up early, reading, brushing your teeth, exercising, eating healthy and other positive things you could be doing, they define you at the end of the day. Routines are powerful because they free you up to focus conscious attention on your biggest goals and challenges.

3. Know Yourself

Get to Know Your True Self — Develop a deep understanding of who you are. What do you like? What don’t you like? What do you value? Who are you? What are you good at? What are you bad at? What must you have in life to be happy?

4. Invest in Yourself

Invest in yourself — View yourself as your greatest asset. Actively invest in skill development, learning, and personal improvements that will make you more effective and valuable to others. Prioritize investment in yourself over investment in external things.

5. Subconscious Mind

Leverage Your Subconscious — your subconscious mind plays a big role in your performance and happiness in all areas of life. Program your subconscious to align with your conscious intentions.

6. Take Responsibility

Take Full Responsibility for Your Life — Take full responsibility for everything in your life, even those that are seemingly outside your control. Understand the role you play in them.

7. Self-Actualization

Know Your Potential— your actualized self is your ideal self, the greatest possible you. Get inspired by just how much personal growth is possible for you. Commit to self-actualization as a life-long pursuit.

8. Top 5 Strengths

Live Your Top 5 Strengths — Identify and align your life with your top 5 strengths, start with the top two. Live your top strengths ever day at work and at home.

9. Life Purpose

Have a Life Purpose — commit to a life calling. Immerse yourself in deeply meaningful work that channels your creative energy and gives you a sense of contribution.

10. Mastery

Understand the Process of Mastery — understand what it takes to master any area of life. Choose what you’re going to master, embrace the mastery process, learn to love the plateau and practice for perfection-sake.

11. Inner/Outer World Distinction

Master Your Inner World — we live simultaneously in two worlds: the inner world of thoughts and feelings, and the outer world of physical things. Take control of your inner world to create the outer world you want.

12. Kaizen

Commit to Constant Improvement — Baby-step your success. Build your life up with steady, incremental improvements. Stop trying to sustain knee-jerk, dramatic changes.

13. Read

Read Every Week — Read high-quality, every week, and take notes and implement ideas. The life-changing potential is mind-blowing! The answer to any problem can be found in some book.

14. 10,000 Hours

Commit to Investing 10,000 Hours — Realize that it takes 10,000 hours to become world class at anything. Prepare yourself for the long-haul. Commit to and focus on mastering 1 or 2 things. Then, practice, practice, practice!

15. Eat Healthy

Eat Healthy Food — Take control of your nutrition, keep your body healthy and optimize your brain function.

16. Exercise

Exercise 5 Days a Week — Take control of your body. Exercise often to keep your body and mind strong, keep your energy up, and stay attractive. Join the gym and do a combination for cardio and strength-training.

17. Eliminate Addictions

Eliminate Addictions — toxic, addictions keep you from living a charged life. Eliminate negative addictions like: TV, food, alcohol, shopping frenzy, internet, porn, drugs, gossip, worry, fear and negative thinking.

18. Flow

Create More Flow Experiences — Design your life so that you’re “in the zone” more often. Do not multitask. Focus on one task at a time and develop technical mastery so you can easily become absorbed in the moment.

19. Normalize Expectations

Set Reasonable Expectations — Set reasonable expectations for yourself by studying the process and results of others. Know what you’re getting into and how much time and effort it will take. When you feel down, check back with your expectations.

20. Strategic Thinking

Live strategically — Make methodical, long-term plans for your life. Analyze your life and have your actions lead to some ultimate objective. A quality life is designed, it doesn’t happen spontaneously.

21. Mission Statement

Have a Personal Mission Statement — Write out your personal mission statement and spend some time reading it every morning, no matter what. Live your mission statement every day.

22. Resistance

Be Prepared for Resistance — your brain creates resistance to change and growth. Be prepared to encounter serious resistance when you undertake any creative project that taps into your highest self. Be ready to wrestle and negotiate.

23. Happiness

Understand How Happiness Works — Most of us don’t understand what truly makes us happy. Happiness is living with integrity. It’s living your top strengths and values every day, consistently.

24. Be Patient

Be Patient — be patient with large, ambitious life goals. Lack of patience is often what stands between your success and failure.

25. Motivation

Use Vision to Generate Motivation — Motivation can be consciously created and sustained by using your imagination to come up with a compelling vision of the future. The best kind of motivation is positive and internally grounded.

26. Failure is Good

See Failure as Good— Acknowledge that failure is an essential part of the learning process. Train yourself to think about failure in an empowering way. Adopt an explorer mindset.

27. Positive Thinking

Be a Positive Thinker — develop the habit of thinking constructively. Stop thinking about the things that distress you. Think about the things you want to create in your life and teach yourself to let go of the rest.

27. Emotional Awareness

Develop Emotional Awareness and Range — Emotions have various levels of meaning that must be understood. Learn to identify and manage your emotions so they don’t control you. Expand the range of emotions you feel.

28. Be a Creator

Be a Creator — See yourself as someone who creates. In whatever you do, be a creator and artist. Take your work personally. Seek to contribute something new to the world.

29. Be Proactive

Be Proactive — Take control of your circumstances and show initiative. Make decisions that increase your agency over your external environment. Do not be passive. Do not wear a victim mentality.

30. Power of Honesty

Be Honest — Be honest with yourself and others even when it’s costly. Honesty is powerful, attractive and creates an unshakeable foundation for success in your personal life.

31. Zone of Genius

Live Your Zone of Genius — identify your zones of genius, excellence, competence, and incompetence. Commit to living in your zone of genius even though you are comfortable in your zone of excellence.

32. Be World Class

Commit to Being World Class — Strive to be world class in your career or business. Dedicate yourself to excellence.

33. The Gremlin

Tame your gremlin — you are constantly limiting yourself with automatic negative thoughts. Develop a habit of spotting your inner negative self-critic, and learn strategies for managing this negative self-talk. More on taming your gremlin is written by Rick Carson whose book on “Taming your Gremlin” can be purchased through this link from amazon.

34. Principle of Right Action

Always Take Right Action — Do what is necessary even when you don’t happen to feel like it. Be religious about this. Imagine how great your life would be if you followed through on everything you know you need to do every day.

This entire list comprise of 100 items however, I have only shared 34 of the items to keep the size of the document manageable. Feel free to request for the complete list to guide you on developing one customized to you.

Below are a few quotes to go with the subject of personal development.

Personal Development Quotes

  1. “Absorb what is useful, Discard what is not, Add what is uniquely your own.” — Bruce Lee
  2.  “Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.” — George Bernard Shaw
  3. “The only journey is the journey within.” — Rainer Maria Rilke
  4. “We must become the change we want to see.” — Mahatma Gandhi
  5. “We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act but a habit.” — Will Durant
  6.  “What we think, we become.” – Buddha
  7. “Whatever the mind of man can conceive and believe, it can achieve.” — Napoleon Hill



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