Small businesses you can venture into.


With the ever pressing economy, you are more than likely to have experienced insufficient finances at one time or another, an issue we all approach with the hope to solve someday and improve our lives.

This condition can however be turned around by self searching and identification of those skills we posses and can provide to the market in exchange for some income.

You may not have millions of shillings set aside to start a business, but that doesn’t mean your options are tied. What’s majorly required of you is identification of skills, some work ethics, a bit of marketing and time to invest as capital for your start up.

To widen your scope of options you need to begin by listing those key unique skills you have and can convert to moneys through the below listed ideas.

  1. Start a mobile phone charging shop and accessories, With the increased number of mobile phones, there is constant demand to keep them powered and functioning, sale of quality power banks or a spot to plug and suck some power.
  2. Open that computer servicing center, with the high growing number of computers, there is need and demand to keep them functional and in good working condition at all times. This service offering business is easy on capital and set up.
  3. Drone flying business. Flying a drone requires skills you can easily learn and offer as a service, this would combine well with photography skills. Weddings and documentaries then become your areas for exploration.


  4. If you have the necessary creativity skills, you can establish a venue decoration service for the many never ending weekend functions including birthdays, weddings and functions.
  5. Popcorn business. Position yourself on that busy road in the evening when the 8 to 5 nation is stalling back home, or in a theater, stall or institution exit.


  6. Bouncing castles and face painting. Dig a mile into your finances and walk 1000 miles providing that fun package for the children especially during the school break seasons. Ensure you research on the current fun models of the day ot keep up with the times.
  7. Animal breeding, this can range from pet fish breeding in tanks to puppies, pigs, rabbits, chicken and the many other animals preferable in your area.
  8. Photocopy, scanning and printing business. With the demand of copies of documents required in the many involvements we get engaged in, the need for crating replicas and sharing then across with others will always have demand. Research on your strategic positioning to cash maximally on this. Schools, colleges and government institutions are good areas to look.
  9. Offer delivery services to that business you find most interesting, negotiate with the business management for synchronicity.
  10. Wash cars overnight while parked in the estates. Approach those car owners for a car wash service so that they wake up to a clean car without creating extra time to get it done. Doing 10 cars at 100Shs 6 times a week adds to over 300,000 working 54 weeks.
  11. Custom gifts – With the many functions like school graduations, parties, weddings and the like, market is always available for those custom gifts, you are bound to stay on top of the game if you know where to look. Key chains, Laptop stickers, phone covers, rings, photo frames, water bottles, wrist bands, bags are just but a number of items you can choose from.
  12. Health drinks- research on that nutritional drink and master how to prepare it. Identify a target market and institutions you can work with, gyms are most lucrative for this.
  13. Sale of office supplies –Each and every office requires office supplies. Research in your area where you can source for supplies as well as offices you can supply with the items
  14. Photography and videography- With the many functions and events happening around the clock, specialize on that skill to capture the moments on camera; weddings and other functions always avail those moments people wish captured.
  15. Events organization, with the many birthday parties, weddings, get togethers and the like, learn some common skills you require to organize events. Visit those schools that allow your young ones to have their birthdays in school then go ahead and make arrangements with the school to provide your services. Visit hotels that provide wedding venues and negotiate on the services you offer, they are more likely to call upon your services whenever a client comes knocking.
  16. T-shirt printing – Identify the different trendy fashions with the teenagers, visit local church youth groups, your creativity can easily ignite trends for your clients, take advantage of societal challenges and campaigns you can creatively join and support.
  17. Join a cab service, Uber, little cab, Taxify are just but some of the firms that offer to link you with your clients at a commission.
  18. If you have some web development skills, search and identify those upcoming businesses that require websites, use platforms like word press, joomla and blogger to host your sites at reasonable costs.
  19. Data entry works- Join websites like freelancer, fiverr, odesk and register for those data entry jobs.
  20. Driving school- you can start a driving school with a single car, get registered and certified with your local bodies and get those skills transferred to your clients. Keep up with the skills required to ensure you stay on top in the field.
  21. Run a blog on specific subjects and create that following you require, then go further and place advertisements on your blog, google adsense is one of such to explore.
  22. Catering services – Keep your skills in check, then get those lunch orders coming, position yourself with institutions where home cooked meals are most preferable.
  23. Write your own book and sell it to Amazon kindle, flipkart and the like, this is one of those businesses that will not require much financial resources.
  24. Domain hosting and reselling. Join a re seller program and sell domains, hosting and online products, websites like Godaddy, re seller club, blue host and many more providing re seller programs.
  25. Affiliate marketing, sell other company products through your website, you tube, Facebook, Instagram accounts. Its free to join and the earnings are unlimited.
  26. Start that you tube channel- Identify content you are knowledgeable in and share skills. Prepare, package and upload your content to the world, get that following growing. This could be on cooking, weddings, knitting, travel tips, camping, gaming, the list is endless.
  27. Project help centre- Identify institutions and students who would require help with their projects and master the skill you can continuously offer to the ever growing demand for help around projects.
  28. Start a pastry and bakery services – Package those baking and pastry skills into something the market will subscribe to.
  29. Cleaning services, invest on those accessories you require for that precise house cleaning job, car interior cleaning and other niches that present the market with specific challenges like stain removal or giving that detailed car interior cleaning.
  30. Tuition centers – During this long school holiday, you can Identify skills required by a specific age bracket and master the skill, package and offer it at a friendly price parents would sign up their children for, get that tuition center you have always dreamt about.
  31. Start those aerobics, Yoga and dancing class- This works for those with specific skills many do not have, with urban populations embracing emerging trends borrowed from other cultures, you are best placed learning those skills and passing them on at a cost, get those aerobic moves, Zumba, Chakacha, Tango, Samba, Rhumba, Lambada, tap dance, Moon walk and salsa classes offered in your neighborhood.


  32. Get those travel ticket bookings done, with the many travels taking place day and night, many would love to avoid the hustle and bustles of getting those tickets for their travels, there is always someone needing help with ticketing, get yourself placed strategically for this.
  33. Home deliveries of those essentials required needed, I.e food and refreshment delivery at a fee. Position yourself to that 911 call to get things done, including shopping and delivering of this items where and when required.
  34. Follow the agricultural tables and trends and understand supplies and demands, bind these with transportation to get items available where needed.
  35. Buy and sell housewares acquired from that migrating population out of town and resell them at a higher price. Several platforms provide grounds for this. OLX and Facebook to name but a few, get digging into the web and find more websites that offer this.
  36. Child care centers – Many middle class parents are working mothers and fathers who spend their better part of the day at work and can always do with a child care center to help support their young growing families.
  37. If you are good at solving problems, identify your business skills and focus on providing consultancy to businesses. Businesses are willing to pay you so long as you can help them stay focused and work their way towards achieving their goals.
  38. You can plan and build creative online campaigns and content for your clients— from successful social media campaigns, apps, mobile contests, video, email distribution and search engine optimization.
  39. The clothing industry comprises of small retail stores that sells a limited range of clothing and accessories. With the high secondhand clothing imports, identify you local supplier, pick and have the clothes well cleaned and ironed then have them displayed at your boutique. Identify with the various classes and niches of clients and focus on serving them satisfactorily.
  40. Animal farming- If you have some space in your backyard where you can build some structures, consider farming rabbits, pigs, chicken, turkey, ducks or even a fish pond depending on your available resources.


There is no limit as to what business you can engage in. The listed options are just but a few of the hundreds of ideas that can be capitalized on to realize incomes from various other sources, remember you can venture into more than one idea tactfully depending on your skills, interest, capacity and time available.

Position yourself to offer employment opportunities by being a contact person and having people work for you on the same ideas if time is a straining factor, but all in all, don’t just sit there and complain. Get up and do something.



Frank Odhiambo

Mind Grid Perspectives.

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