A dive into the mind and understand how you can improve your life!


Today we take a dive into our minds with the aim of understand how they work. 

Your mind is an organ, a tool and a gift from God; That tool you employ to comprehend and solve life challenges and problems. We attain results depending on how much we have developed or utilized its capacity, it is thus vital that we continuously improve this organ to attain the best that they can help us achieve.

For ease of understanding, we shall divide the brain into 2 parts as below;

  1. Conscious
  2. Subconscious

A. Conscious Mind

This is where we spend most of our time, we associate four main functions to this part.

  1. Will power.That time you say “am not doing this any more”, the strength of your will power decides how long before you revert back to your old habits.
  2. Temporary memory.This is the working memory that we use everyday like finding your way to work, remembering that new name you just were introduced to.
  3. Analytical thought process.This part looks at a problem, analyses it and looks for a solution, making over 100 decisions everyday. These decisions seem automatic but are conscious and deliberate. Choosing whether to do something or not.
  4. Rational thinkingThis part gives us the reasoning why we do the things we do. To remain sane, we have to rationalize our behavior even when it makes sense only to us, Whatever makes everything we believe in true.

The language of this part of the mind is logic.feeling-images-7

B. Sub-conscious mind

However, the real you lives in the level below the conscience mind.

This means that everything that comes bounces off from the conscious mind to the subconscious mind.

  1. This is where you find habits, not just the good, bad and ugly but also our practical small habits like biting our nails, playing with hair, nose digging, winking, brushing our teeth, answering our phone, all those activities we indulge in without engaging much thought.
  1. Emotions which also is in our sub conscious mind; Love, hate, prejudice, envy, competitive nature, those emotions our logical reasoning has no control of, This part is left to our child like subconscious mind, this explains the problems we have with different emotions.
  1. Permanent memoryEverything is recorded here including the associate sight visions, sounds, smells, feelings and use of mental regressions enables you re-live any memory of your life vividly even when you do not remember it consciously.We load images into our minds while on our day to day activities, that includes those of whats app groups and forwards with those x-rated and viewer digression images. Television, movies and series’s are all part of this mental image source, it is thus paramount that we identify and take note of all those sources you tap into that contribute to the steady daily stream of imprints that go into our minds.
  2. Another part is the security and protective mind.

Everything is recorded in our subconscious including the associate vision sights, sounds, smells and feelings.

Using hypnotic regressions you can re-live any memory of your life vividly. Even when you do not remember it consciously.

Our personal security is the number one job of our subconscious mind, to ensure we are safe at all times.

The language of the subconscious mind is imagination. The only communication between the logical conscious mind and the imaginative subconscious mind is our will power to suppress emotions, This occurs during those times you struggle to control habits, say for example when one enters an unfamiliar ground that demands a caliber of conduct and has to suppress those habits they feel or deem unfit at the occasion.

Unfortunately, will power is temporary and the suppressed motions get redirected in a negative manor causing stress and tension, some of which presents immediately as nervousness, sweaty palms, low or uneven voice pitches and the like.

The language of the Conscious mind is logic, the language of the sub conscious mind is imagination, when logic and imagination conflicts, imagination wins every time. The subconscious mind is the boss.


Because the language of the subconscious is imagery, it cannot tell the difference between what is real or true and what is not real or untrue because everything is real to the imaginative mind, so if it believes its true then it is.

Normally the conscious mind is in the fore ground while the subconscious is in the background.

In between these two parts of the mind, there’s a filter referred to as the “critical faculty”, this part is critical for all information that comes into mind before we let it enter our powerful subconscious mind or our belief system or permanent memory. So if I told you something that you find crazy, your conscious mind will filter it out and not let it enter your belief system or programming, or find a logical reason to dismiss it, either as a lie or issue of non interest.

However, children from the age of 1-7 years operate in their subconscious almost 100% of the time. This is why a child’s mind is fertile ground, whatever seed you plant in it tends to grow, this means that our children do not have the “Critical faculty” yet.

However the critical faculty can be bypassed or moved aside to gain access into the subconscious mind making the subconscious mind susceptible or receptive to suggestions for change.

Example of when this critical faculty moves aside is when someone feels sadness or cries when they are watching a movie. Their logical mind knows that this is only a movie, but still triggers the tear glands to cry. This is made possible due to absence of thoughts running in the back of the mind with issues like family, kids, work, finances, expanding new territories in business, etc

Examples of such times when this faculty is bypassed are;

  1. When we read interesting life changing books,
  2. When we go through experiences and emotions we never have experienced before or
  3. Simple life coaching lessons that plant seeds of change into our subconscious mind, where they grow and cause positive changes in our beliefs, thoughts habits and behaviors stored in the subconscious mind.

Studies show that knowledge on how your brain works has healthful effects on key relationships.

In his observations, researcher and author of The Developing Mind: How Relationships and the Brain Interact to Shape Who We are, Daniel Siegel, MD states that, “the human brain is a relationship organ.” It’s designed to relate all experiences, events and happenings in our lives

Here are at least seven benefits of getting to know it better:

  1. It increases your options, self-discipline and flexibility Self Belief and Self worth,
  2. less emotional upheaval
  3. It builds your knowledge and understanding.
  4. Greater ability to achieve what you want in life.
  5. It centers you in the present moment.
  6. It helps you appreciate universal human attributes.
  7. It develops your ability to empathize with others.

In conclusion, the understanding you gain from this seeks to sheds more light on man’s ability to change events surrounding his life,as well as achieve and improve the quality of his life in general.

Ultimately, this knowledge gives you much more control over how to use the combined power of your conscious and unconscious minds to think in a more healthy, flexible, resilient and goal-supporting way.


Frank Odhiambo

Mind Grid Perspectives



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