Gender equality and feminism


Today we take a dive into gender equality and how feminism plays into it.

The purpose of this article is not to offend but to have a discussion and enlighten us on why feminism is attacked so harshly on one side and defended like the Vatican city on the other.

We live in dividing times, if we are not divided by race and tribe, then its by gender, football team, class or political alignment, but then again, why wouldn’t we try build a bridge between instead of continually burning whats there, the real fight is not between gender but against the system that denies equal opportunities and fairness to both.

Lets take a quick look into history where it began. Feminism first began as a political and social movement in the late 1800 and early 1900.

This was referred to as “first wave” feminism, the goal was simple, create laws that give women equal rights, laws like marriage, parenting, right to own property and vote favored the male specie and denied the female opportunity to enjoy the same.

The rights of women in history and in many countries have been subjected to the power of the system, and many of their rights have been trumped upon, of course this is a controversial idea and not acceptable by all except the most ignorant of people today.

First wave.jpg

Women through out history have been given the short end of the stick; In the 1960’s “second wave” feminism began, focusing on wider issues like sexuality and domestic violence discrimination, in essence, you can think of it as fighting against gender discrimination, many of these rights are still being fought for today. Second wave feminism believes that we are living in a sexes power structure, in a society and political system that believes and dictates how the personal life of a woman should be, both in the house and the society

If you have watched movies set before 1960 like “Madman”, you will understand exactly what I mean, very few women were able to work in businesses and hardly any in the government, which was then a man’s place.

It hasn’t been until recently that women have been able to work in fields like the government as well as in businesses, yet they still don’t have a lot of rights feminists have been fighting for.

Third wave feminism was then born in the 1990s to perceive values by feminists that had not been achieved by the second wave feminism, part of which the black woman was not included. An important item to note, in the early days, feminism was generally perceived as war between male and female. After this was won, a new twist came along, segregation. The white female had won her place in the society and became the very first one to deny black women the same opportunities they had fought for. In essence, the struggle continued differently depending on race.

With the new wave rise, there arose two main problems in difference of perceptive,

1. They think of sexuality in different ways, Second wave feminists are against porn, yes porn; while the third wave feminist consent to porn as long as the women is a consenting adult, in fact most believe it’s empowering.

2. Third wave feminists try to expand feminism so it doesn’t just present what white women want but instead include women of all background, in fact Rebecca Walker a famous feminist created “third wave” to put focus on white women and women of color, third wave feminists focused less on political changes and more on individual identity such as gender roles. You might wonder what problem is sparked here; The problem is, irregardless of identity, Women should have equal protection by the law, have access to the same opportunities as men and should be free to decide, they all deserve to live in a just society that respects them all without discrimination, prejudice or subjection due to their identity.

Women of color should be given the same rights and protection as white women and so do men, everyone should be protected from injustices the same as everyone else and have access to the same opportunities, that’s a no brainer.

The weird thing in recent years, third wave feminists have moved into uncharted territories, some advocating the act of reclaiming derogatory terms used to refer to women, another “third wave” feminist wrote in her book, all women are b*tches and I go further and quote;


Screen shot from a popular third wave feminist writer

Such philosophy brings to mind a lot about a spoilt little brat, by all means, be what you wish, but don’t expect anyone to like or to want your company, even more, don’t expect the society to just sit there or support you into advocating into your bad behavior and poisoning the society, choices have effects and consequences, this is the problem.

Feminism is a great idea, women should have the same rights and protection as men and should have laws that protect them from injustice and oppression however, the modern day feminist alienates everyone but herself posing as a victim of everyone’s actions. If feminism is really about gender equality, why don’t we see equal representation of both gender issues nor ever complain about certain benefits they have over men.

The boy child is equally likely to face the same issues faced by the girl child, in fact he is more likely to be arrested than the abuser if she happens to be female, who stands and fights for him, chances of getting abused in their marriages or get raped, victimized, mistreated are as high just like that of women, yet feminists continue to place a blanket judgment over all men that they are all privileged and all women that they are all oppressed, which is dishonest and damaging to the relationship between man and woman. How many men have had their reproductive organs pulled or chopped off in expression of emotions, if men have to be to be aggressive in order to be accepted, women wouldn’t feel appreciated or accepted, let alone loved by the opposite sexes

Let us not live in a system that gives the girl child dolls for presents and toy cars for the boy child, molding their little minds into what they grow into and blame the man for it.

We have to ask ourselves key questions, What is the role of men in gender equality?

  • Why is it that most men don’t take well gender equality, probably because it fights gender rather than the system, Gender equality is a way to speak of the society and system we want. We thus have to understand the contribution men bring when they support gender equality.
  • From physics, we learn that for each and every action, there is an equal reaction, I personally would fear for an equivalent of a retaliatory male movement to fight for the male.
  • Begin telling stories that will speak to the masses and not just fellow feminists, these stories should be of equality.
  • If feminists wouldn’t control they wouldn’t be controlled, one cant enjoy control and retract back to the cocoon of feminism playing the victim when the same control reflects back at them, remember the world gives back what you give it.
  • I would regard the fight by feminists highly and as well give my contribution if both gender rights are included in the current single gender right fight.
  • Feminism is injustice to the male and makes gender equality detrimental
  • Feminism is misinformed and perceives the male species as the enemy as opposed to the system that oppressiveness and unjust to both.
  • Taking responsibility enables one do something about it, failing to take responsibility takes away power to do something about it.

Mathematically presented as Responsibility = Power

  • The lead feminists should and must understand why feminism is creating a divide.
  • Privilege is invisible to those who have it but visible to those without, to a racist, race is visible, to a non racist, it certainly is invisible.
  • Class, race, tribe, religion and gender are about you, they limit your mind to its kind while confining your abilities to your own mental illusions which present as your reality. Change your mind about how you perceive this and change is what you shall see.


Equality is having both the boy child and the girl child given equal opportunities, privileges and justice in the world. We all strive for a better world. As the “fourth wave” feminism evolution rises in the name of “Slay queens” and already causing ripples in our societies and the world as a whole, you can attest that this is not a problem we are going to wish away while blame the opposite gender, as the system awaits the scores and updates legislation on equality depending on who argues and gets their cases presented better as equality remains a monster in our culture and ways of doing things.



Frank Odhiambo

Mind Grid Perspectives

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  1. Good reading it is…..
    I love that it’s well balanced.
    #More thoughts on how men can constructively weight in on equity without oppressing feminist goals.


  2. Provision of equal opportunities for both men and women to end all forms of discrimination and violence.Good read Frank.


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