What is life?



Many at times I sit and ask myself, what is life?

I have always tried keeping my thoughts anchored where I have deepest understanding and perspective of life as a whole, only to realize how restraining a single perspective is towards it and limiting as well, then I realize I can employ my two sided equally limiting but better perspective to give me a wider and better view, just like considering the two sides of a coin, the head and tail to depict good and evil, wrong and right, truth and lie; It adds a new perspective to the whole story yes, much better than what a single perspective gives, but not comparable to the many more other perspectives of observation one can attain.

Everyone has a story, a story they can tell in their own words, some beautifully and some gruesomely, choosing words that describe perspectives of our story in this journey at whatever phase of life we are in, we all tell it differently and with more meaning as we progress on the stages of life.

All these are characteristics of what life exhibits and so today, we take a dive into them in a bid to emerge with a better understanding using the subtle identifiers we get to experience.

Sometimes we have to ask ourselves, what use is my life?

The one thing we know about life is that it is always changing, sometimes we are up, sometimes we are down, sometimes we are happy sometimes we are sad, at times tired and well, at times energetic.

How you handle it when you are down, is what determines the growth you get to experience, not at the times when you are top and things are ok.

When reality takes us through some ups and downs, we realize something, that only through the down moments that growth takes place, the time when the real work is needed, not during the good when everyone can afford a smile and that includes that mad man at your local market.

It’s at this good times you realize that anyone can afford a large vision and be positive, real challenge of growth including mental, emotional, psychological, financial as well as spiritual comes when you get knocked down and choose how you handle it.

When you are facing a challenge and want to get unstuck, assess yourself, take a look at where you currently are, evaluate yourself, assess the situation, ask yourself, what brought me here, what role do i play and what am i learning from it. Am I just going through it or am i building myself through it.

Are you growing better because of it or are you going to keep repeating the lesson until you learn something from it.

But if you believe you want to grow into your own personal greatness, you have to be willing to harness your will and tell yourself that despite of all this, you are the one in control and are not going to let it destroy you, tell yourself you are becoming better and stronger because of it.

Make it what you stand for, stand up for your dreams, stand for your piece of mind, stand for your health, that is if you really want it, are serious about it and have to have it.

Keep reminding yourself that you are going to make something from it, that you are not going to sit and moan about the emotions you pick from it or dwell on what went wrong and who did what to bring this experience home.

The challenges of life,

How do we get stuck?

If you want to begin to move and get yourself unstuck, you have to clear your mind of all unnecessary luggage and baggage that cause your brain to fog and blur visibility to real situations and opportunities at hand, clear baggage that’s weighing you down, allow it to go and begin to focus on developing yourself. Harness your will to grow, make a move so you can grow.

A brief look at one way we can clear our minds.

Let us divide our life into three past, present (Which is now) and future and seek to understand how these classifications help in de-congesting our minds.

The Past,

Classify the events in your mind in this category, beginning the time you were born up and until the time you finished that last sentence you read just before this marks the boundaries for your past.

This is the period of time that has developed you into the finished product you are today, with simple life events as having learnt to walk, talk, feed yourself as well as each and every process and experience you have gone through in your entire life. It all amalgamates to add up to the person you are today and to be precise right now! If am to point you to an opportunity that exists now, you will employ the use of all items, tools, skills and knowledge to get the tasks currently at hand done in the easiest way possible.

Some two very important items to note about the past,

1. Whatever has happened already is past and cannot be changed or rewritten and

2. Dwelling on it only causes regret and thoughts of how we could have done it


The Future,

The future is the space of time that comes after now, that next minute we hope, believe and trust shall come, where many a times we feel we luck control of because events that occur are unknown to us prior to their happening, however this is the space that we visualize our solutions and selves depending on the issues and challenges we face now or are currently experiencing, or hope shall be, events that can only happen after this present moment.

Some important characteristics about the future is that

1. Visions in your mind are never tangible until you decide and begin to focus on actualizing them.

2. Another important characteristic of the future is that dwelling on it creates doubts, worry and frustrations, simply due to inability to associate the events in your life happening currently and how they shall propel you to this future.

3. It’s in the future where dreams are made.

Present (Now)

This is the space of time we exist and are currently facing depending on where you are in your journey.

It is where we try to remain conscious, keeping our minds where our bodies and emotions are in order to create full awareness and be able to correctly deduce whatever is happening around us in this particular moment, and as events occur, we interpret them depending on the emotions we are in triggered by the environment and state of mind we are in, which all depends on our attitude and what we make of the event.

It doesn’t matter what happens to you, what really matters is what you do about it, which depends on the decisions you make in the present.

A major characteristic of the present is that it presents the opportunities to make what you want for the future by applying all the knowledge and skills developed in the past.

All of us have gone through some tragedy, if you haven’t, judge not because you shall someday; you can let the events destroy you or you can build upon the presented events, you can as well allow it to pin you down or decide that it isn’t going to keep you pinned down, it doesn’t matter how good or talented you are, neither does it matter how much you have worked on yourself, everyone gets a fresh lease of circumstances in the “now”.

There are times when things will not go right, simply because that’s just the way it happens, when things don’t go right you just have to keep your mind on the positive and deal with it, find the lesson delivered to your door step by the event rather than wallow and play victim of that particular circumstance.

And at that time when things don’t go right, your emotions get triggered, these emotions or what I call in other words “energy in motion” pressure us into making random decisions whilst clouding our minds and impairing our overall judgment, deliberately blinding us with limited options besides all others we have ever known.

Do not make those important decisions while you are under the spell of these energies in motions, take time, cool off and clear your mind, empty it of all emotion attached to it at that particular time, get some space and recharge your batteries, just don’t allow your emotions to get control of you, keep them disciplined, then come back and view the whole situation from a different perspective and vantage point.

Expect things to get better for you, that’s because they will, there is always a brighter day.

The biggest challenge there is to comprehend whatever is happening and putting it into perspective that defines to you in detail a good part of the whole.

Part of the problem at times is we focus on the problem and allow it to overwhelm us and limit vision making us believe that there are currently no options around what we are going through or stuck on.

10% of our life is made of occurrences that happen, 90% of it is made of whatever we make of it, as time goes by, we realize that this is true and is always supported by events, explanations and knowledge you can link together in support of it.

You have some percentage of power to change things, decide you are going to stand up to occurrences and events that come your way, tell yourself that you are going to come out a winner each day, live everyday as though it’s your last and all these things happening now are just temporary inconveniences.

Achieving this mindset is not going to be easy, if it were easy, everyone would do it, in fact anyone.

But with this mindset, realize how easy you can say that “Life is what you make it”


Take time and write a short one page story of what you perceive to as life, avoid lying to yourself and try connect the events that you feel define your experience to give this question meaning.

Whatever you write on this piece of paper is what your life truly is as perceived by you.

Take note that whatever you right is true of your life and does not have to present similar to any other person’s.

With all that said, I leave you with some thought provoking phrases and quotes around the topic to spin your mind around this subject of what life is.

The aim of life is appreciation, there’s no sense in not appreciating things and there’s no sense in having more of them if you have less appreciation of them – Gilbert K Chesterton

The distinction between past, present and future is only a stubbornly persistent illusion

-Albert Einstein

The past is only as important as you can remember it, and you can only remember it now in this present moment

Worry is a misuse of imagination and that’s a mad way to spend your life, it makes living harder than it is

Thinking of death is like living constantly in worship of it,

Don’t fail to appreciate something that is for something that could be, don’t dwell live in the future

The two most important days of our lives are the day we are born and the day we find out why.

The beauty of a waterfall is not what it was or what it will be, but the beauty that is during the brief moment of its fall and so it is with life, if there is more to come, we shall appreciate it then.

Life is in facing what is “here and now” supported by your beliefs and everything that has built up in your mind in the past, channeled towards making a better tomorrow.



Frank Odhiambo

Mind Grid Perspectives

4 thoughts on “What is life?

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  1. Life is when you stand up for all aspects of growth and development i.e esthetic,moral,religion,emotional,physical,psychological etc.Thanks Frank.Good read.


  2. What brought me here? What’s my role? ……

    As I stand up for my dreams, my peace of mind and my health.

    An awesome read as we set out goals/resolutions for 2018 and beyond.

    Thank you Frank Odhiambo


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