The Power Of Focus

This week’s article is by guest inspirational speaker Tony Olaka of Teams that win. Enjoy your read!

Tony Olaka

tatiana-lapina-6807.jpgWhen i heard a preacher say that everyone in this world is in need of something to fill an emptiness in their hearts i thought it was one of those catchy lines they use to sound theologically correct but guess what, he was right. I may not use the exact words but my own interpretation to this is that we are all looking for something.

Some of us are looking for what we need right now while others are looking for what they will need in the future; ‘me am’ looking for both. It is this quest that leads me to meet people i end up liking and disliking, leads me to places i never dreamt of being and jobs i never thought i would ever do. I am Focused; most of the time not on the exact “thing” that i ultimately want (since sometimes i wonder what it…

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15 Top Business tools

Today's business environment is like nothing compared to earlier on centuries. Technology and modernity have transformed all sorts of businesses and sectors ensuring lean and efficient systems while stretching their reach to markets beyond vicinity, in a bid to maximizing profits. To fit into this modernity and efficiency, businesses need to embrace efficient ways of... Continue Reading →

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