Focus Here and Now


The human brain stores an ocean of information that is received in each conscious moment of life.

It has capacity and capability to retain information (both good and bad) for later retrieval when most appropriate situation or demand is raised. Those with good memories tend to be much more successful in life not only because of their ability to retrieve or reproduce information when needed, but also their ability to analyze the information in the best way possible to create outcomes of their desires.

All unhappiness is caused by our denial of the present, we think our problems are caused by our situations in life.

Attachment to the present and the future as well as the denial of now is the real problem.

Ultimately this means there is only one problem in life and that’s failing to living in the Present.

Whenever you are unhappy your mind denies you ability to be fully present in the moment, making it impossible to have a problem when your attention is on the now. Why would I say this is true? When you live in the now, your mind either deals with, handles or accepts the situation existing in this moment. If you think about it, when you have a so called problem it means that you are mentally dwelling on the situation without having a true intention or possibility of taking action now in the moment, this ability of the mind to deal with the now eliminates problems if you are fully present in the moment.

Perhaps you are seeking answers to problems or questions to problems you are facing, notice that sometimes you receive answers but most of the time you don’t get to realize, simply because you are not in the present moment when the answer arrives.

Anytime your mind is out of the present moment you cannot receive the answer that you need from higher intelligence, the answer can come in many ways and at any time but it’s only going to come in the present moment.

When you spend your time worrying and regretting, situations caused by living in the past or future respectively, we place ourselves out of the moment where all answers and creativity take place.


Isn’t it strange that we request, pray and ask for that you find necessary to your life and yet not pay attention when the answer arrives?

Our point of power can only exist in the present moment.


We create from the moment at hand whether the materialization appears instantly or later as a complex event of cause and effect, this is where all creation takes place, in the now. When we really understand this truth, we realize inexhaustible supply of usable resource and energy at our command.

Only our thoughts, attitude and emotions in the moment get to enjoy this power. The path we take should not be dictated by that single bad record we can pull to thought which many a times make us relive a particular past traumas and dramas.

When we constantly worry and re examine the past in order to discover the wrong within the present, we reinforce the building blocks that recreate exactly the experience that we are trying to escape.

This is because the mind habitually resist the now, your egos cannot function and remain in control in the present moment, your mind only knows your past personal history and the cumulative mindset that you’ve inherited and accumulated according to your beliefs, in order for the mind and the ego to remain in control, it must continuously seek to cover up the present moment with the only thing it knows (It’s comfort zone), and that’s majorly in the past, if am to ask, have you ever been able to free your mind whenever you want to, have you ever found the off button for your ego or the continuous thoughts that keep rolling in the mind?

If you are constantly living in the past or the future you definitely are not fully utilizing your mind, rather, mildly put, your mind is using you, making you it’s slave, an event I can only compare with being possessed without you knowing it.

If you find it difficult to live in the now, try this, stand back from your thoughts (Simply take a minute and allow your thoughts to stream without you taking interest or initiate any response, take a look at your habitual mind, notice it wanting to escape from the now, you’ll observe that the auto suggestions of the future is usually either better or worse than the present, if you imagine future is better, it gives you hope, pleasure and anticipation, if you imagine it worse, worry is created, however, both are suggested possible illusions.

Don’t judge or analyze what you observe, watch the thought, feel the emotion, observe the reaction and just become a silent watcher. This is going to help you focus on the moment, because the moment you realize that you are not present in the now, you become present.

Notice when you are fearful, the psychological condition of fear “an illusion” which has got nothing to do with the immediate danger suggests options to choose from in it’s many forms as either anxiety, unease, worry, nervousness, phobias, fear of loss, fear of failure, fear of being hurt and so on. This kind of psychological fear is always about something that has a possibility of happening, not necessarily something that’s happening now.

Our minds are the tools by which we solve problems, however problems of the mind cannot be solved by the mind, you must dive deep behind what your mind is telling you and imagine your mind only as a reference point. It tries to create the future out of the past, taking with it single choices, simple decisions that no matter what happens we find ourselves living in the future or the past.

Let’s look at a few questions, is there something worrying you right now, do you have a lot of ‘what if thoughts”, if this is the case, what you shall discover is, all these are pulled from past events whose records have been retrieved in the existing moment, probably because you have been dwelling on it subconsciously or if you fully understand this and live in the present moment all your so called problems fail to exist unless you hold on to that particular recurrent thought.

Your goals on the other hand take up so much of your time and attention that you reduce the present moment as a means to an end, you know you are a victim of this if you are you are waiting to start living, when you develop this pattern of waiting, no matter what you achieve or what you get in the present will never be good enough, reason, because when you get what you want, the future always seem better, recipe for permanent dissatisfaction, non fulfillment and unhappiness.

I refer to this as habitual waiting, a habitual waiter bears trait that can be arrived at by answering these questions; how much time do you spend waiting for the next holiday, a better job, your child to grow up, a better car, achieving success, making money, to be important or to become enlightened?

Waiting is a state of the mind which basically means that you want and prefer the future over the present. The key is to break our old patterns of our present moment denial and resistance, we must learn to withdraw our attention from the past and future whenever they are not needed and allocate it to the present, should a situation arise that you need to deal with in the now, your actions will be clear and decisive if risen out of present moment awareness, your response will not be as a reaction from past experiences and conditioning of your mind but from an intuitive moment of awareness of the situation at hand, remember, you send out a vibrational energy through your thoughts, a vibrational energy that magnetizes and attracts everything back to you. If you send out a vibrational energy that you don’t have what you want in the present moment you end up with the same, having what you don’t want, now, if this is true and it is, then what could be more beneficial at this moment than to send out a vibrational energy or thought that’s in alignment with what you want in your life, and the answer is, nothing is more important, this is a realization of the power of focus in the moment.

Ask yourself, am I activating what I want in this moment or am I focusing on something that doesn’t allow me to have what I want.

Its important to understand that there’s nothing wrong with striving to improve your life situation, however you cannot improve life by dwelling in the past. Goals are equally important, the mistake however is using them as a substitute for living in the now.

You are on a journey and it’s helpful to know where you are going, but don’t forget that the ultimate thing that is real about your journey is the steps that you are taking right now in the present moment. Remember, time is just an illusion, the only moment is now.

All you need to know is now is the only time that exists for you. Quantum physics mentions that the only time that truly exists is now and the only place it exists is here and in your mind.

Even though your mind always wants to live in anticipation of the future or in the memory of the past, everything happens now in what we can call this time line.

When you remember your past, you remember it now, when you dream of your future, you dream of it now, when do you learn from your past? When you are actually dwelling in your past, you are in it now, in other words, if someone asked you what you are doing, you’d speak of it in reference to the present moment which brings us to the platform, work towards the future now! You are always here now, you cannot be anywhere else.

You can’t act except in the now, if in doubt of this, try this, do something to change your yesterday or tomorrow right now, It’s impossible, and if you say I’ll do that tomorrow realize that when tomorrow comes you shall be doing it of course in the now, even tomorrow happens in the now, trying to escape now is like trying not to be where it’s all happening in the “right now”.

That’s why the great teachers of philosophy teach us not to worry about the future as it shall take care of itself, they teach us to be present, to be aware, to enjoy the now, to live one moment at a time. Just as it’s denoted in the Bible

Matthew 6:25-34Therefore I say to you, do not worry about your life, what you will eat or what you will drink; nor about your body, what you will put on. Is not life more than food and the body more than clothing?”

Our life is about a string of moments in time and so often we stand in our unhappiness trying to disapprove a future moment out of a negative flash of thought, the problem with this is that we end up creating our future out of these negative thoughts our minds dwell on.

Most times we look forward to a future time for pleasure and a feeling of satisfaction but very few of us get to experience it in the now.

What you are being, thinking and feeling in the present moment determines your happiness as well as the much time you spend on worrying about the future and regretting about your past. Think of your present moment as your point of power because it’s the only point where you can exercise full power, for most of us, our present moment exists only as a mental concept.

Below are quotes to keep your mind fired up on the topic.


  1. Every future will happen in the now, when you think of the past, a stored record in the mind as a former now is retrieved and looked at in the now.
  2. You cannot live your today by pulling and analyzing your worst records of yesterday.
  3. If you have to refer to yesterday’s events to make your decisions today, choose the good records over the bad ones.
  4. When you think about the future you do it now, because it’s a moment that has never come.
  5. The past and the future have no realities of their own, their realities are borrowed from the now and are both defined with reference to now.
  6. Be dead in the past, not because it was not important but because your future is more important, Decide your future which you can only change now.
  7. Die in the past so you can live fully in the now
  8. Do not be defined by your circumstances and memories of the past, it takes away your power to live in the present.
  9. Your past builds capacity to handle the present and equips for future.
  10. Stories of the past are meant for the archives to revisit anytime you wish to pull out the relevant record.
  11. The present is to be handled without yesterday’s baggage.
  12. Your present creates the pasts of tomorrow, make them beautiful today.
  13. Rise above your past.
  14. Like a computer, keep your cache memory “Conscious mind” for “on demand” processes, all other “past events data” is stored and available at will on the hard drive or “Subconscious” mind for the output you require in the future.



Frank Odhiambo

Mind Grid Perspectives


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