Invest in yourself and raise your value!.

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Whatever you do, however way you spend your time tells a lot about who you are.

We are creatures of habit and are made of the habits we practice, whether “good or bad”. If you spend time in the gym out of habit, it wouldn’t be long before people around you can tell by the signs they get to see, similarly, when you eat junk habitually, it manifests and shows on your body, at a glance, one can tell the habits you commit your time to.

Just how much time do you spend in a day working on you? How much time have you given to investing on yourself this past week, how about the past one month? Of all those hours, how much time did you spend working on your own dream, have you read any books? What new skills and knowledge have you acquired in the last one year, what kind of investment have you made in yourself? If you haven’t, it’s never too late, you can begin this week, in fact today, there’s not so much to wait for, am certain there’s one or two self investment plans that best befit your current position and situation.

The shades today are provided by the trees planted years ago,

if you missed in the planting exercise, the next best time is now!

A lot of people as soon as they punch out either head to the local pub or home to do “nothing”, by nothing I probably mean sit and watch the television, all in the name of unwinding. Don’t get me wrong, am not saying televisions are bad and neither are the pubs, however when it builds into a habit that has to happen like a ritual because of a formed habit, then that definitely becomes a problem.

To invest in yourself, you have to give it everything you got, that’s because we wake up to a life class everyday, we come across lessons as we get on with our day, through the different people we meet and the different situations that present, some we take note of while others go without us even realizing. This means we have an opportunity to learn and maximize our lives.

Every successful person has the same amount of time you have, so what would they be doing that you are not doing, or what could they be doing differently. They probably take time to invested in themselves, those employed have the evenings after work and the weekends to fully embark on this, those that aren’t have regular times between which they are not occupied as much.

Successful people choose to put time in something that they want to do, they invested in their time to develop themselves.

Looking at the generation we are in right now, we appear busier than any other that has ever existed, busiest bunch of human beings ever lived. So much to do, so little time, Upto and including the time we are walking or even alone.

And in being busy, we think we are making the most of ourselves or becoming effective, but I wish you to challenge your schedule, ask yourself, whether in being busy you are really being effective or are cluttered with all manner of stuff that demands and drains you, stopping you from being the highest or best version of yourself. Are you substituting the main business or is it chaos that comes along with business that keep you from being effective.

No one is too busy, it’s only a matter of priorities”

It takes time to learn to be creative. Let us begin by stating that you were meant to be creative, bearing the fact that you were created in the image and the likeness of God. In his likeness, you have creativity within you, in fact a whole sub-section in your brain is allocated to this single faculty, this is the one part innovators explore day and night to come up with new creative ideas. It is amazing to tap onto your creativity and you shall be surprised at how much you can do.

This you can only discover if you make better use of your time and allocate to learning and exploring your creativity. The most important point to note is to value the time you have and use it to develop yourself.

Speaking of time, how much time do you think you have already used up, how much have you left and how do you plan to use this remainder of it? Begin by asking yourself what are you going to do today.

When you look towards the future, is life giving you what you want? Is there someplace within that you keep hearing a voice telling you that you need to be out there in that arena, doing more than what you are currently doing? It even goes further to give you an answer, telling you there is something great within that you haven’t brought out here.

If you are doing something eight hours a day that is not giving you what you want or is not giving you a strong feeling of satisfaction and fulfillment, makes you miserable and sometimes hate to appear there, get depressed thinking about it, you thank God it’s Friday every week or play gospel songs only every last weeks of the month because you really can’t make it without reminding yourself of divine intervention. If that is what it is, you owe it to yourself and need to strategically work to change your direction.

Look at your life, if you are not getting what you want, you owe it to yourself to do something differently.

Most people resist change and fight it as though change would be worse than what they currently are experiencing, I can give some leeway because most people will not challenge the unknown, they wouldn’t just step out there, according to them, they have to see it all in place all together, however not all road is visible at the commencement of every journey, you only need to see part of the road, and trust that more road will appear in sight when your location changes, begin with what you have. As it’s said, you don’t need to be perfect to begin, but you need to begin to be perfect.

Change is the only constant thing in life, even we change on ourselves over the ages.

So as you look at your life, telling yourself how you are not getting what you want, begin to know that whatever it takes for you to create that which you so wish is all in you, you have a genius bottled up in you, goodness and creativeness, all this given freely by God and waiting to be explored. If you decide to take the initiative, your thinking will begin to change, and your current quality of life will begin to transform, life supports you, you just need to begin, if you are asking if it will work out in the end, Yes!, if there will be turbulence, Yes!, will it be easy, No! Will you make mistakes, Yes!, will you meet opposition, certainly, sometimes opposition will come from you, will it hurt, of course, will it ware you out, depends completely on how you will look at it.

A lot of people wouldn’t try anything different because they don’t want to get hurt. Allow me to tell you this, hurting is everywhere, it will come where you are, you can’t escape it, most people spend their lives not wanting to experience change, the pain and discomfort it comes with, the thought of disappointed, pain of loosing or the pain of failure, pain of criticism, we forget that life is full of pain, it’s everywhere, but as our gym faithfuls would say, there is no gain without pain, the pain of regret is even worse, because it will find you inside your cocoon and deal with you at a later date when your potential is not at it’s peak as before. How would you avoid the pain of regret while trying to avoid the pain of defeat, loss or disappointment, how do you wade through knowing that pain is something you cannot avoid.

We are creatures of habits and get molded by our own habits, accompanied by our nature of seeking approvals of people we value in life, those of whom may not even have a clue of the capabilities in you.

Remember, even they never get to know the story before the glory.

Giving room for doubt and fear to build, taking note of the opinions of others and failing to try because we get convinced away from our own will and capabilities.

Never allow your inner doubt to talk you out of what you want in life, to dictate to you why you are not good enough.

Never judge the possibilities for what you can do based upon the people around you or the circumstances you are facing, this is because your current circumstances will not determine who you become, neither does it determine what you are able to do or even what’s possible for you.

Your possibilities are unlimited, what you can do is much much more than you have already seen or so far experienced in life.

Your future is not tied to your past, neither is your past the compass for your future, your past came to build the person you have become today, equipped you with the right tools, skills and knowledge, all that you shall ever need from this day henceforth, therefore face your future with all you have since birth, add more of what you feel you shall need in your journey to overcome huddles and achieve the goals and dreams you have in life, when you come across a weakness on you, work to strengthen it, this increases your capability and efficiency.

It doesn’t matter how many mistakes you have made or will make, each mistake brings you closer to perfection, it is what you learn from it, Life is about the lessons you get to learn, not the cost nor the losses, but investments that go towards making a more valuable you.

As you start to work on what you wish for in life, keep it simple doing what you can a day at a time, things will begin opening up for you, ideas will come just out of the blues as you focus on getting over the challenges and hurdles.

The key to it is focus on what it is that you want, this is important because as you focus, it begins to open up multiply.

That which you begin to focus on and put your mind into begins to expand and a consciousness begins to develop out of which comes a passion, a special power that you have in you, a greatness that you haven’t even known yet, those that would never develop if we never put yourselves in position.

I wish to take you on a small challenge, please be truthful to at-least your own self. Ask yourself the following questions;

  1. What would your life look like if you decided not to care what people thought of you,

  2. What have your fears barred you from doing.

  3. What would it be like if you became courageous and acted on the dream in your heart.

It takes courage to live your dream

Most people go through life not allowing themselves to step out in fear of facing contradictions and lacking the courage to be themselves.

Cowards die many times before their deaths, the valiant never taste of death but once”

they experience fear, but still keep on moving.

Working on your dream demands everything in you. Your determination, will, abilities, positivism, energy, you have to give it your all, as if that’s not enough, you get tested along the way, I guess to ensure only you are granted the dream that rightfully belongs to you. When it ain’t yours, I guess we walk out somewhere in the cause of achieving it, because we can’t stand the tests.

Every great dream begins with a dreamer, always remember you have within you the strength, patience, passion to reach for the stars to change the world – Harriet Tubman

Therefore seek only that which interests you fully, not on what interests others in you, only that which you resonate with and makes your heart skip a beat or a series of them with the mention of it.

If am to put this in another perspective, put yourself in a position you can’t retreat, immerse yourself into the do or die position, sink or swim, which I guess you will never find out if you don’t dip yourself in and when you get stuck,the desperation of creativity will kick in and make you become more creative than you every have been before.

The little you can invest or do is enough to change your value, but make sure you do all that you can do, am sure if we are honest to ourselves we realize we have not been doing all we have capability for and that creates a vacuum of never being where you want to be, or that which we refer to as satisfaction.

When you give all you can, you become content with the little you have, no matter how small.

More challenge to take home, decide that from this day, you shall try as much as you can to do all that you can to develop yourself, all that is in your power to make a contribution to life through you, because when you explore yourself, you become of great service to others and an asset to the world at large.

Many people allow their ideas and talents to lie dormant, idle collect dust, which they take with them to their graves because they did not have the courage to be what they could have been.

We are all created with different unique abilities and are the only single creatures bearing the set of traits, potential and abilities packed in you.

Be yourself, everyone else is being themselves!

You only need to tap inside yourself and drill your oil well, only you can get to do this, not your family, relations, neighbors nor friends, only you.


If you are becoming what everyone else wants you to be, who is becoming you!

I give you the push and spark to drill that “oil well” in you, but you have to take the initiative yourself, that is because the journey begins with you.


Frank odhiambo

Mind grid perspectives

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