The law of cause and effect


The law of cause and effect is one extremely promising way of looking at things, it relies on the old physics class fact that every action has got an equal reaction, that for every effect there is a definite cause, likewise for every cause, there is a definite effect. Your thoughts, behavior and actions create precise effects that manifest and create your life as you know it, or from the Biblical perspective, everything happens for a reason.

Approaching this from the perspective that this law is always true therefore creates some mental shift on impossibilities we have limited ourselves within.

When you do what successful people do without fail, you end up successful, even when you don’t know the degree of contribution your activities cause to your success.

When traced back, just through mere observation and study of your selected bunch of successful people, you can pick common traits that confirm a trail of success. Success is never by accident, but by a choice and a plan, hence the trail evidence it leaves behind in the stories of transformed lives.

If you follow the trails of successful people, you shall obtain the same results, no matter where you are, do the same things done by them, to put this much simpler, if you wish to lose some weight and do what successful weight loss candidates did, you shall get similar results.

If you wish to be successful, begin by first making a list of people you deem as successful and bury yourself into hours and hours of studying them, read their books, follow them on social media, watch their you-tube channels if they have one, form your life around what they do, then go ahead and adapt into your life whatever it is they do and you shall surely achieve in portion of how much work you put in it whatever they themselves have achieved.

Nature is neutral and does not care much who you are, tall or short, king or slave, dark or light, male or female, black or white, educated or not, all it cares is that you do what successful people do, just like a recipe or a route. In fact there are people who are not as smart as you but are doing vastly better than you not because they are better, but because they follow proven successful methods. There’s nothing that’ll make you feel stupid as someone your ego judges as damn making more money than you.


Good causes bring good effects, bad causes bring bad effects. Your cause bring your effect just like mine bring effects to inspire your thoughts, good seeds bring good harvests, the bad ones cause poor crops and hence poor harvests. A bad crop would never give a good harvest, neither would a good crop bring a bad harvest, unless the unimaginable happen, to bring it even closer to home, the Swahili put it as

Ukipanda fitina, utavuna fitina, ukipanda ukorofi, utavuna ukorofi”

To mean, if you “plant” discord, discord is what you shall harvest, and if you plant coarseness, then coarseness is what you shall harvest.

Let’s take a deep dive into the same law of cause and effect in the context of the Holy scriptures.

Mighty men we are told walked with God. David was strong and powerful and always burst in praise and adoration to the degree he listened to the voice of God and in accordance to his higher calling, whenever he failed to do this, we are told he cried with lamentation.

Solomon his son on the other side was granted the opportunity to choose whatever he desired, his better judgment prevailed and he chose wisdom, only to find that it included all else beside.

A fast forward to the seventh Judge in the book of judges takes us to Samson who was endowed with great strength by God.

A rewind to a different set up years earlier, It is said that God hardened Pharaoh’s heart, my thought; I don’t think God hardens anyone’s heart, especially when his mission is to free his people from bondage.


Applying our earlier mentioned law of cause and effect, am of the opinion he hardened his own heart and disobeyed the Lord, and that caused plagues to come. Had he on the contrary listened and obeyed, the plagues would not have come.

We can be our own best friends or our own worst enemies. In the degree we become best friends with the higher self that exists within us then we become friends to all, but when we become enemies with our higher self, it manifests into experiencing the same in our lives.

When the Israelite’s acknowledged God and lived according to God’s teaching they became prosperous, contended and powerful and nothing could prevail against them.

When they depended upon their own understanding, it wasn’t business as usual, if you remember well, they had their fair share of suffering while in the wilderness.

God is not a respecter of persons, he doesn’t create others more special than others, but all equal in his eyes, both male and female, neither is he a respecter of tribes, races or even nations.

However, occasionally, races and nations become respecters of God and that way got to live the life of a chosen people, leaving nothing to prevail against them.

Man prospers because he acknowledges the lord and lives in accordance with his laws similar to nations and countries.

In every nation and walk of life, he that opens himself to God and seeks his righteousness is accepted of him says the Christian Bible. It thus calls upon those who deem the great men of God as a different species of humans to find commonality and ability to live into their greatness through seeking God, or did he not say “search and you shall find”.

This doctrine works across all board and distinguishes not between the mighty and those who are low, neither does it distinguish between the rich and the poor, like the sky, it has room for all and like the water, washes all alike.

When we fully realize this truth, we realize it makes little difference to belong to a particular form of religion, but it does make a tremendous difference how one truly is to the vital principles and laws.

The broad minded see the truth, the narrow minded only see the differences says the Chinese.

The Hindu say, The narrow minded ask, “is this man a stranger or is he of our tribe?” but to those in whom love dwells, the whole world is but one family.

Do not conform to the world but transformed by the renewal of the mind”


Frank Odhiambo

Mind Grid perspectives

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