Mind Conditioning to Make the most of Today.

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We live our life probably working our way around to live a better life, trying not to get into trouble, perhaps get an education, find a job, make some money and have a family, but life can be a lot broader than that if you realize this one single thing, that everything around us that you call life was made up by people that are not necessarily smarter than you or have more hours of the day than you have.

The system has turned a factory, developing machines out of people adhering to preset societal norms, getting mentally boxed up in boxes called companies and corporations, stuck in cubicles called offices instead of becoming the individual you uniquely are created to be, giving the world what you are here to give in your passion and iniquity you have, therefore selling your life for periodic pay just enough to help you see through the month and needing more.

No gift was given to you for yourself but for the world, your skills, kindness, generosity, care, talent name it all. Explore yourself, invest time and all you have to developing yourself, find that gift you are supposed to be to the world. I can never be you neither can you ever be me.

You need to step out of the mass mental slavery you have imposed on yourself and play the role you are here to play, snap out of your slumber.

You are only confined within the walls you have built yourself

Chances are that there is a day you were highly inspired, motivated enough to do what it takes to get to your goal of the day, taking account of the limited hours in a day, starting with some exercise to warm you up for the day, healthy breakfast to keep you energetic, then go ahead populated your schedule for the day aligned to that goal of the week, got those meetings booked and made the calls you needed to, closed a deal you couldn’t earlier seal.

But then; you allowed that momentum to die down, maybe due to obstacles and challenges you faced or a reason you don’t understand. Allow me to tell you this, that’s OK, because you now have something to build and work around as a guide. Forgive yourself and move on.

You are the momentum, the only thing that can step into the driving seat and fully take control of yourself.

Build a life, don’t just live through one.

Whatever it is that you want to do you have to begin by visualizing, visualize what you want to achieve out of the day, see it first in your mind, once you can see it believe you can achieve it. Begin by planning for the day, sectioning into sessions of dawn, morning, afternoon, evening and night, you can further divide these into chunks of single hours. Once done, align the hours with your top three priority goals of the day and begin according to your priority, keeping track your progress as the day goes by.

To make the most of today, you have to begin now, ask yourself how you plan to spend all the hours in the subdivisions above.

It matters not who you are, neither does it matter where you are from, what your profession is, what your past may be or even your present situation or the stresses you are undergoing, what matters is what your mindset and the state you condition it. Work on that which you can work on today, that is what counts because that is what precisely determines your future.

Don’t look at the talents you don’t have, you apparently find whatever you focus on, your mind must return results for whatever query you send it to find, like google does. It’s all about what you focus to find, so query your mind to find the best in you, not the missing, work tirelessly to discover and develop it, work on it every single day of your life, for you to make the most of this, yesterday would have been the best day to begin, but don’t beat yourself if you didn’t, today is the next best day you can begin.

The most stable foundation you can ever have is the self will, commitment, effort, discipline and decision, that needs to come from you to make the most of life, no other person can make this decision for you, then work towards maximizing your everyday making it a habit to develop yourself and give yourself the momentum you need.

You have everything you need to achieve that which you want.

Imagine there is a bank that credits your account each morning with 86,400 dollars, this you are to spend each day without carrying forward any balances, whatever you don’t get to use gets deleted from your account at the end of the day. This is exactly what happens to every of us each day, we get credited with time to spend within the day. The 86,400 figure above is exactly the number of seconds you have everyday. What you fail to invest wisely gets written off, it allows no overdraft, if you fail to use the day’s deposit, you carry the loss, there’s no drawing against tomorrow, meaning you must live in the present on the days’ deposit investing in every opportunity, failure to which loss is yours, you’ve got to make the most of the day, that space and time in your life carries with it every moment your opportunities present.

86,400 dollars is enough to change a life, most if not all would agree with this, how ridiculous to realize the same is given to us for free every single day only this time in units called seconds, but we fail to spend wisely this limited time budget.

Time waits for no one, yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, today is a gift, probably the reason we refer to the current as “present”. You can imagine giving someone a birthday present and they take it and put it somewhere at the side and don’t open it even by the next time you bring them another say the following year?

They say the day is a good place for people who are awake to meet, only he who lives in the fullness of the moment can get to understand the in-depth meaning of this.

See the bright opportunities each day present.

Let us get to understand the value of the time batches we understand and work with everyday. To realize the value of that batch we call a year, ask a student who failed a single grade and missed their graduation, to realize the value of a month, ask that mother who is six to seven months into her pregnancy, to realize the value of one week, ask a soldier in battle in a foreign land with a week to return home, to realize the value of an hour, ask that marathoner, that value of one second, ask a sprinter, that of a millisecond, ask the sprinter who scopes silver in the race, that of a microsecond, a record holder would put it best for you. How best do you define yours?

  1. Work hard today because that determines your future.

  2. Don’t rest on your successes, that was yesterday and yesterday is history that’s gone forever but the future lies ahead.

  3. Hurts and grievances will pull you down, consuming your energy and setting your mental state. to a burdened one connecting you with your negative.

  4. We are not only to enjoy life that is to come, but one that there is.

  5. Welcome more mindful moments into your everyday.

  6. Laugh more, smile, it blends how we feel and helps get the most of life.

  7. You have only one shot in life and unfortunately you don’t have forever, make the most out of it and make sure you are happy while at it.

  8. This is the day that the lord has made, rejoice and be glad in it.

  9. Enjoy every minute today, it taken you all the years you have to get where you are.

  10. Take responsibility for your day.



Frank Odhiambo

Mind Grid Perspectives

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