Why you should stop watching the Television.


On your path to becoming a balanced person, you need to work on yourself for more hours a day than you currently are. Unfortunately while we struggle with this ever continuous task in life, we are bombarded with a large array of distractions that veer us off the planned path as we strive to reach our goals.

Some of the most modern day distractions that might easily go unnoticed, chief among them include the phone and television, which come in handy while making an entry into our personal spaces effortlessly, offering some sort of solution we require at some point in life. These two gadgets are available in almost every household today up to and including a standard rural household.


The television is an ingenious innovation developed to distribute and disseminate information, however, that just seem to take over as the sole source of regular conditioning of the mind in some sort of programming that constantly feed our minds and determines our mental state with very high efficiency, as if to some sort show you the path of life and the way you should be thinking, most times leaving the mind in a depression prone state. The things you regularly feed your mind determine your character, personal value, efficiency and condition of your life in general.

If you do not like where you currently are in life, change your mental diet!

Don’t get me wrong: nothing wrong with watching TV now and then, catch some action and drama here and there to reset your day, a sporting event like the marathon, football, rugby athletics or sometimes the news let alone advertisements that keep you glued, pondering how creative and ingenious entrepreneurs can be and how much they can go to lengths in order to increase sales and revenue for the products they avail to the market. However, I also know how much of a time-waster television can be if not allocated time and taken control of in our spaces, if you have to watch it ritually and faithfully without missing, similar to how one would take their terminal illness medicine, then probably there is a mental perspective that requires calibration and needs to be addressed, good news is the habitual terminal diseases like life you have adopted can be corrected.

Today we take a dive into our habits of watching television, probably mine at one point as well and look into the larger picture of the general effect it has in our lives.

Did you know the negative ratio to positive news in a single bulletin is 17:1, for every batch of 18 stories, 17 are negative and only 1 is positive.

TASK: For the majority still hooked up to the telly, update your ratios above using your local news channels in your respective countries, you don’t have to be biased, pick your most popular as well as that you deem your least.

We are believers in nature and tend to believe a lot that come our way especially the negative, the more positive demand more of our belief and action than the negative, we therefore must make a choice of the things we let into our minds.

Stand guard at the gate of your mind”

As one of my recently adopted approach, I watch programmed TV for less than 5% of my time in a single day, I say program because your mental intake follows a schedule of programs aligned to fix your mind to a mindset that’s not very productive, you might think for a moment that am not informed by abstaining from active telly programming, do not jump your guns, I might not be running the most current mindset “program” but am pretty much informed.

Don’t read the dailies, read the eternities-Henry David

Sort out information that is more substantive in nature, consume books knowledge, those that give you lasting power, constantly surround yourself with nature that gives you a positive mindset whenever you can.

I want you to think of someone you know who has a crappy perspective of life and I’ll tell you something true about them without knowledge of who they are, they probably watch the news and maybe to be precise, lots of it without fail, similarly to how one would faithfully take their medicine however this time without an ailment being cured.

I used to think the world was 100% what I watched in the news, even worse, I thought it was the truth, whole truth, nothing but the truth, however, I discovered that it is far from the truth, an agreed upon perspective presented to you by persons who sometimes don’t believe in the same stories they bring to you. Am not telling you to stop watching TV but saying that I haven’t been the same since I began limiting television time in my space.

A television can be a wonderful gadget to have, however, this depends on how you make use of it, either a great learning tool to bring you facts, figures, information, knowledge, views and experiences or a terrible master, all depending on what you watch and how you watch it, when I say how, I mean frequency and the loyalty you give the regular times you watch Television. Note that some have tuned into full time addicts, designing a complete life around getting glued to the set.


Truth is, each day offers opportunities for new experiences and potential, challenges to overcome and memories to make.

Spending your entire day staring at a flashing screen can be detrimental and wasteful of opportunities, which translates to denial of opportunity to self in making the most of your time.

To bring to the lime light some of the drawbacks to help gain better understanding of faithful regular dosages of television watching, let’s take some instances we easily can resonate with.

  1. Daylight robbery of your quality time. For many families, watching television is the primary favorite family pass time activity of the day. Problem with this is that this is not a true family activity reason being, it demands individual attention and can pass for a solo activity, note that when children get glued on their favorite cartoon shows, every attention is channeled towards the television and non whatsoever to the people or the environment at that particular time, not unless whatever is on TV gets slightly boring allowing them to gain back some attention. You realize sometimes they completely aren’t there mentally and is as if they’ve “astral projected” into the telly. Among the adults, no one engages anyone when glued, not unless they hail from that annoying breed that narrates everything as it unfolds, spoilers we call them. It’s an isolating and antisocial activity. Notice it takes away opportunities to engage with people around us, grow closer or even make memories together. The solution would be spicing it up from time to time combining other interesting activities, have dinner, evening walks, board game or you can as well pick from some of activities listed in my previous article Family activities for quality time with the kids possibilities for fun are endless and should not be limited to just watching television.

  2. It gets into the way of getting things done contributing to failure to achieving goals, robbing us hours from our resourceful time without even realizing it, sometimes you get caught in what was intended to be a short break that turns into a whole hour, part of day or even day spent in front of the telly. Some people may not have any goals outside of their day job so they get glued immediately they get off work without much concern for what that time can do, not even when it continues all week, month, quarter, year, or even era, for them it’s a lifestyle they can’t break themselves out of. For the rest, it’s important not to let TV get into the way of accomplishing our goals. Keeping it from distracting us from goals.

  3. You might have been warned probably a number of times while growing up on the time you spend watching TV at some point in your life, studies show a correlation about too much TV consumption and negative health consequences with some side effects, some long term while others short term. Weight gain, eye damage, diabetes, increased aggression, insomnia name it, list is endless.

  4. The time spent watching TV is time not spent getting involved in healthy physical activity as well as encouragement of unhealthy habits, characterized with poor feeding habits and choices of food. Dialing pizza delivery has never been easier and more convenient than cooking a healthy meal when glued on telly. Make sure to balance out your TV consumption, healthy meal consumption and physical exercises. Without physical exercises, your mind, just like a muscle depletes, growing weaker and weaker only maintaining strength around the brain neurons that remain most functional during this activity. I guess from the law of use this makes perfect sense. Watching TV all day does what lying in bed all day does to your muscles, it starves the muscles while denying them opportunity to work out and stay in shape as well as toned up only this time eroding your mental strength. Exercise your mind by reading, working on puzzles, brain games, writing or even painting, practice your craft and keep engaging in those activities that challenge your mind and keep it sharp.

  5. There is always much more to the story than what you hear, probably if you are the kind of person always trusting what you hear, you probably wouldn’t make much sense of this, but if you are that believer who trusts that there is not only one side of the story but two others, the other side of the story and the truth, then you perfectly will understand what I mean exactly.

That person who states their case first always appears right until you hear the other side of the story. Or as the bible puts it, He that first states his own cause seemeth just, until his adversary comes and seeks him out. –Proverbs 18:17

King Solomon knew this way better when he offered guidance in the case of the women both claiming the same child after one of them suffocated hers to death while sleeping.

  1. You not only contract but cultivate negative energy when you watch bad news. Violence, horror movies, disasters and wars making but the icing of the cake. What these do to your mind is they change or mental state to pick up more negative around us, likes attract likes, remember? Your brilliant brain multiplies this to get you more and more, simplest being wanting to watch the next one, relate it to another just around you and this tends to make you nervous, always on the lookout for the content in your list above and similar.

  2. We are creatures of habit and regular hours spent on TV definitely contribute in forming our habits while our characters get a fair share of influence through the things we watch constantly.

Set a limit on how much TV you can consume and stick to it. As Brian Tracy would put it, “Television can be a wonderful tool or a terrible master, depending on what you watch and how you watch it”


To ensure these findings are put into good use, dedicate the reclaimed time to something you deem important like pursuing whatever goals you want to accomplish. Take up an evening course, attend a personal development talk, go out for dinner with family, learn a new concept, spend time with the kids and help them in their studies, check your expenditures, balance your books, journal your day or even plan for your next day activities or those lined up for the week.

In the end, the time spent pursuing those goals will be so much more rewarding than the hours spent gazing on a television set.


Take one or two weeks of controlled television time, keep it below 10% accumulated of the time within this challenge, note that this will be difficult, much similar to handling an addiction and will need some active management as there is an initial phase of unease of not relating with the most current. However, I want to assure you that you wouldn’t miss much.

Televisions can be “full life” poison dispensers that deliver mental poisoning right in the comfort of your living room.

This is one of those discoveries I tell myself I wish I learnt way earlier in life, but just so that am not harsh to myself, I tell myself that am glad it happened at Whichever time of my life and glad it happened at all. Many might just never get to overcome, timing not a factor, as long as it happens within this lifetime.

If you were to watch television for 2 to 3 hours a day, it translates to 14 to 21 hours a week, 56 to 84 hours a month and 672 to 1,008 hours a year, valuable hours you can translate to working on achieving something you currently don’t but wish to have. You don’t have to cut down on all the hours at once, work strategically to reclaim back half for your own personal development then later work to improve on it. 

From personal experience, I can say I have so far been successful enough to take mine to slightly above 50 Hours in one single year, time I have managed to develop content for over 200 mind sharpening quotes, just about 50 articles, 43 of which are published on the web, 3 project proposals, 2 business strategic plans and a single self help book with a workbook to go with it.

You don’t need to know everything that’s happening around the world, you just need to understand whatever is happening and engage in doing what you love with all your soul, heart and mind.


Some recognizable examples on top of my mind of people doing what they love best without necessarily spending time knowing everything beginning with Kenyan local include Henry Ohanga AKA Octopizo, Kennedy Ombima AKA king kaka, Mariga, Dennis Oliech, Betty Kyalo, Caroline Mutuku, David Mathenge AKA Nameless, Sauti soul, Diamond Platnumz, Radio and wizzel, Aslay, Patorankings, Julius Malema, Koffie Olomide, Papa wemba, Fally Ipupa, Miriam Makeba, Rihanna, Beyonce, Elvis prisley, Lucky Dube, Trevor Noah, Psquare, Tom Cruise, Sam Smith, Ed Sheran, Bill gates, Warren buffet, William shake spear, Alexander the great, Martin Luther King, Obama and Vladimir Putin to name but just a few from my personal list of people of interest and study.

All having achieved in their uniqueness taking time to do what they love to do to the best of their abilities and nurtured them despite the many challenges, controversy and judgments that come with it and kept going.

You could have learnt or gotten to know about them through the telly, but I can assure you they themselves don’t live there and limit the hours they spend there.

If you wish to change your future, take action and take action now.

If you are looking for a simple way to become more productive and happier while at it, cutting back on gazing at a television is a simple yet extremely effective way to begin.

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Frank Odhiambo

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