Burn bridges with Limiting Beliefs!


Buckle up, we are about to tear down some of your beliefs, burn some bridges and transform some of those limiting beliefs you have held on tightly since your childhood and probably used them as knowledge for the better part of your lives. If you easily get offended, I recommend you take everything with a pinch of salt, there are no universal truths, question everything, deduce much, take what works for you and leave what doesn’t?

The meaning and application of this will depend on your current situation and will differ based on the environment, your upbringing, race, tribe, gender, mindset and not to forget, your attitude, with that said, let’s jump right into action.

We all have friends all around us, those that inform our decisions based on their beliefs and upbringing, we spend time with them either physically or through modern world technology virtually on social media, including family that has always shaped most if not all of it, although they mean well and might generally have your best interest at heart, the advice they give is not always the best, maybe not for the situation at that particular time. Not that it is through fault of their own, but the mis -fed on limiting beliefs they’ve followed faithfully and remained loyal to enough to bank them as knowledge, it probably might have worked at some point in their lives but turn out not effective currently without them even noticing.


Let us debunk some of those damn advice we have built our beliefs around over a period of time.

  1. Time heals all wounds; whoever mentioned this must have understood very well that your emotional pains needed to be destructed temporarily to provide you with temporary relief, this might have worked dealing with your high school crush when they friend zoned you, you must have been tricked to focus on time and let go of focus on your pain. Tell a family that just lost a loved one that time will heal their wounds, nothing heals that. Something scars your life, you just have to live with it, the scar will be with you until you die, and you just have to learn to manage your pain. Many things will permanently damage you and you need to be aware of that, people who give such kind of advice are ignorant to the pain someone else is going though, don’t be one of those people.
  2. You need money to make money; this is another common phrase used by people to justify their failures, killing many businesses before they even rise on their feet. The moment you go get monies from external sources to start a business you will have already registered your first failure, it basically means you will need someone else to stay afloat. We live in the real world where every action has its equivalent consequences and frequency of occurrences keep going up unless something drastic is done. If by chance you doubt this, you might find it’s easier to take a walk to that businessman or woman who’s currently doing well in the same line of business you wish to venture into. Managing it from its base foundation when raising its capital gives you a better chance of remaining on top of your finances, time is valuable.
  3. Think positive thoughts and the universe will provide; I wouldn’t be wrong to say that people who use this line have only read one book “The Secret” awesome book, promising and eye opening I must say. From the book, your main task is to think positively and all other things will come, what they don’t tell you is you have to work for it, put in time, sleepless nights developing it and continuously keep working at it, the world works through action and reaction, whatever you do has a repercussion, sleep instead of work will see you without meals on your table unless you have already put in some outstanding thoughts and works in a cash generating venture that earns even when you are sleeping. Eating junk will force you to wave goodbye to health. It is purely basic and simple, you need to get to work. Having that optimistic view towards life is ok, however it’s only the beginning and can never be enough to yield fruits, and you have to realize that; put in the positive thoughts, then the works, before you can taste the fruits of your labor, even the bible makes this clear, thine fruits shall come from your labour.                                                                                                                                                                                           For thou shalt eat the labour of thine hands: happy shalt thou be, and it shall be well   with thee.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             No amount of positivity is going to take away that extra weight you want to get rid of, you have to hit the gym regularly, eat right and better make it a habit. Everyone is capable of wishing good things upon their lives, however no amount of wishes will grant you financial, spiritual or material advantage, the element of faith is far the only sure power by which a wish my be translated into a belief and the belief into a reality.
  4. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger; Like really? You might want to be smart about this one. Try telling someone who’s had a near miss death experience that  they are now stronger; Remember, though your desires might be unlimited, your time and financial resources aren’t, including the amount of stress you can endure. People who say this are insensitive to life, they’d change their statement and use you as a statistic if you died while at it. They imagine you will have their near miss death experience and come out the same despite the risks involved.  You only have a couple of shots at life and don’t want to take any of them with the barrel pointing at you, just to make you stronger. But then again guess they always mean the hardships should not stop you from trying again.

With this said, find in your life limiting beliefs that anchor you from prosperity and find a way to cut your ties in order to keep moving. Remember, you have to lose sight of shore if you are to make any progress towards wherever you wish to go.

                  Ships are not built to spend their lifetime at the habour, docked all its life.

It’s a splendid time for those who’ve come to crossroads with doubt, worry, fear or indecision to endevour to become acquainted to their other self, learn all you wish and take lessons from nature.

While tearing down some of those beliefs, let’s look at perspectives that should help us forge forward with new foundations for your next set of beliefs geared towards fostering you forward.

I have not known of any prayers that have been induced to work favorably in a mind that is inclined in the slightest degree by fear or even worry, my way of approaching prayer has since become different from what it was before.

I used to get into prayer only when going through a difficulty, I bet my reminders to pray were attached to triggers that only went off in those difficult times, something I am certain happens to you too unless you already have had this scrutiny session with yourself and changed that, I have learnt to form a prayerful habit before difficulties even show, and the content too has since changed from praying for more of worldly material and better blessings to becoming worthy of that which I already have. I find this better than the former which rely on the difficult times to trigger your prayers only when you are in trouble.

Be sure for what you set your heart on shall be yours, what man believes is true has a way                                                                of becoming true.

As long as your prayers are always offered only when in trouble, it means they are always offered when your mental state is set to either desperate, worried, fearful, afraid, trampled on by stress and always resorting to it as a last resort, unlike when done in times of no duress. Prayers are released thoughts that attach your current state of mind, a major determining factor of when prayers work and when they did.

When it comes to life, you need to do what takes you closer to the place you want to be without banking on limiting beliefs or waiting for desperate times to give you the pressure.

  1. A friendlier child has got more friends.
  2. The only limits in life are the once you create with your mind.
  3. A belief is not an idea held in the mind, but an idea which holds the mind.
  4. Be not interested by beliefs that limit, but by what those that make you limitless.
  5. when you accept a limiting belief, then it becomes a limit for you.
  6. Beliefs are frozen thoughts about yourself and the world.

Below is a list of 5 books you can purchase and read from Amazon. Some of them come with free audio and can be downloaded for those who prefer listening

  1. LIMITING BELIEFS: Learn to Overcome Self Limiting Beliefs and Transform Your Life (Self-Esteem, Confidence, Personal Transformation)

  2. Limitless: How to Identify Your Fears, Challenge Your Self-limiting Beliefs, and Fulfill Your Potential

  3. The Unlimited Self: Destroy Limiting Beliefs, Uncover Inner Greatness, and Live the Good Life.

  4. Limiting Beliefs: 7 Ways To Stop Limiting Beliefs In 7 Days.

  5. Relax Release Let Go: The 8-Step Solution To Destroy Limiting Beliefs.

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