Excuses are for the weak!

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Today, let us get to inspire that extra push you’ve always needed whenever you give up, we need to make you strong minded and different from the weaklings you know and get you achieve whatever you are working to achieve.

What is it with our society, producing weaker and weaker individuals by the generation, those that can’t handle anything going wrong in their lives as soon as something goes wrong, they think not of fixing the problem, but rush to mask it. It’s an all soft generation we have, any amount of toughness and it’s like out oils of disability are struck.

It is easy to be great today, because most people are weak.

There are those things that we hate to do but still do, like getting our assignments done. Whether you are for it or not, it just has to be done and if you wish to come out anything successful, you might as well put your mind to it while at it. I say this because our minds are powerful equipment that never fail in getting whatever we ask of it and that alone, makes all the difference between attaining success or failure in whatever you are doing. No matter how little effort you put, there is a favorable effect and on the other side of this efforts stands greatness.

Excuses will turn your dreams to dust.

Many are times we write off our efforts because we cannot see the contribution it has in life, we fail to understand that by not doing anything we still are contributing, which in this case nothing to make that needed difference no matter how small your commitment is into something, it’s effects are always there. We live inside of life not the outside and in as much as we never think of ourselves as contributors of the issues around us we directly are part and parcel of it and that’s where change is best instigated.

Excuses are for the weak, responsibilities are for the strong!

How about we take a look into strategies to strengthen our minds, taking responsibility by diving deep to learn how you are part of the issues you come across in life, learn why we opt giving up when struck by any huddles or challenges and learn some of those things we can do to strengthen that.

The moment we get criticized, rather than take it positively on board, we always rather prove something wrong and give up, probably rather prove ourselves wrong for life. We crumble whenever faced with a challenge or things get hard, we rather start pointing fingers because it’s never about us but others, for us, the excuses get us covered, if it were not for this or that, then I would have made it, that alone fixing the problems for you? No! That is just too soft, or should I say weak, tell yourself the truth because until you do, you lack the power to change anything about it.

Excuses provide refuge for the weak!

At times you need to sit back and acknowledge you are part of the problem, see your contribution to it, you can never grow into the person you wish to be and achieve all those things you want to achieve, if you can’t see the role you play in it, that would then mean you are the problem, in-fact, the only problem, it’s probably your mindset or attitude, no one else’s, if your perception were different, the situation would probably have been different.

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But here comes the good news, you are also the solution to this, the moment you see the role you play into it, you get the power to change it, if you have character, your life will change but if you don’t, your life will remain the normal day average complainant you always have been, just like the many people out there. You are your major problem and are your major solution.

When you lose all your excuses, you find your results!

Don’t get me wrong, big things happen, we lose loved ones, we hurt through heartbreaks, drown through sorrow, things no-one would deserve, am not talking about those things, those you do not have control of, but all others you have some control but always fail to initiate or play your role.

Only the weak use “I Can’t” as an excuse to give up

I know someone whose attitude would be ruined a whole week by one single argument, common of people, this is not the worst, you might be knowing one who remain mad for years, even with the big stuff, if you have a perspective, if you know who you really are, if you really appreciate anything you do and have and believe everything is as it should be, all of those big things can be handled much better.

Excuses are for people who don’t want it bad enough

Knowing your loved one would want you to be happy and move on, knowing that living in pain and holding on to resentment is letting that person who did you wrong win, but letting go and living your life, loving every bit of it is you saying I won, it is you saying I will not allow the past to occupy and limit any piece of my mind and spirit, that is true courage and mental strength, and am not saying this avoid pain, the pains that come with it, it is all part of every single person’s life, all with different varying levels, some more than others but we all do at some level.

The weak make excuses, the strong make changes.

Sometimes we choose consciously and sometimes to live in the pain while sometimes we decide to move on, you deserve to move on, mental strength comes from all those struggles, formed from pain, and gets increased when you refuse to give up at times when most others would, it grows when you keep going, when things seem impossible, it grows when you push often many times past what we always think is our limit, no matter the effort, so long as it’s steady and consistent, now that’s called mental strength.

“Excuses are for the weak”

Take responsibility for where you are now and commit to do that which you are in a position to and can do, no matter how small, whatever it takes to make sure your future is better, you do have the choice, you can make excuses and just remain where you are or you can take responsibility, take action, and begin to get where you need to go in life, the choice is entirely yours.

If it’s important to you you will find a way, if it’s not you will find an excuse.

Thicken your skin, become more of a human being, those who’ve lived a great life I mean. Don’t be afraid, life is but a reflection of you in the mirror, you give it fear it gives you back the same, giving it love, care, kindness, resilience and the same you shall receive in equal portions.

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Frank Odhiambo

Mind Grid Perspectives

12 thoughts on “Excuses are for the weak!

Add yours

  1. Frank. To be honest, you just brought this at the right time.
    Its like you read my mind and I feel like it was written for me.
    Thanks for the reminder that our excuses will always be our dream killers.
    I have said NO to excuses again.
    I totally agree and be blessed tons.


    1. It is my pleasure bro, whenever i can make a difference, you can count on me…for more of such, watch out for the daily quotes from us, weekly articles and the monthly talks we offer at Bahari beach Hotel in Nyali mbsa, every first Friday of the month…not to mention the book you shall soon have access to, just to make sure your personal development is taken care of and fine tuned for success..Enjoy and be blessed.


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