Modern day Divine doctrine!

Our religions have been fighting over the years for supremacy of followers from all nations, oblivious of the fact that we all serve one God. Despite the different ways and means Gods message reach us all. We have been dragged into a never-ending turmoil and arguments over who is superior despite the message for all humanity being common, that of love, peace, unity, service to others, selflessness and dedication to our creator; Muslims and Christians alike, Hindus, Buddhists, Judaist and all others. Though we have different names for Him as well as worship him differently.



All religions contain some inspired uplifting along with rules, guidelines and conditions are often rewritten by those in power at the time; In the past and even greater in the present, the majority are controlled by religious leaders who constantly stress punishment and deamination if one does not follow the teachings.

Most often their doctrine puts it across that their way is the only way to salvation and only through them can you receive forgiveness and be saved from evil and the fires of hell. They have sort to keep you in a hard state whereby you willingly follow the leaders without questions as you strive to feel safe and secure, so as you do not have to make any dramatic life-changing decisions for yourselves.

There has been countless destruction of property and loss of lives perpetrated in the name of God. Listen to this emphatically, this is not God’s will, but the will for those who have allowed their ego desires for power, hate and ignorance to overcome their consciousness and sense of righteousness.

In the past, the emotions of spirituality have been suppressed and the science of spirituality has been denied to the masses. Over the years, you have slowly grown spiritually discovered and gotten enlightened of the laws of the universe in order to return to responsible, spiritual adulthood.

Organized religions, and by this I mean all faiths, must reorganize their teachings and doctrines in order to incorporate the truth of the higher universal laws which allow the love and guidance of the supreme creator to permeate and enlighten the hearts and minds of their leaders and all those who follow their guidance and footsteps. If they do not do so, their influence will wean, dissuade and become ineffectual as followers will seek guidance elsewhere.90185457_630122454452836_8542805744062300160_n

Beloved, there are many paths that lead to enlightenment, true spirituality does not demand rituals or rigid beliefs, it is the mode of seeking to live your highest truth with wholehearted devotion. However, there is one truth we must adhere to, to do harm to no one, that includes harm to self.

Seek a blending of your highest intellectual, emotional and spiritual truths to guide you on your path towards enlightenment; maintain a confident attitude as you seek the unknown and seek to manifest the visions given to you by the higher realms of existence. When you make the highest moral choices, you get infused with the rapture of the never-ending divine love of the creator.

Indeed, these are times of great testing of humanity as we strive to return to balance from suffered discordance for aeons of time. Expect more cleansing of the earth as the higher frequencies permeate the universe and humanity. The dramatic changes experienced by the earth and humanity will continue in one degree or another in the years to come; however, the most dramatic changes will happen in the heart of humanity and thereafter followed by enlightened masses. Envision new earth of plenty where humanity lives in harmony with nature and one other. The chaos and darkness you are observing on earth are temporary, be assured the earth will not destroy itself as it releases the pressures of greed, selfishness and ego manifestations accumulated over the many aeons of time.

You are experiencing a dawning of a new reality, be bold and steadfast on the visions of the future. Acquisition of extreme wealth and material does not bring peace, happiness or satisfaction. Seek harmony and unity within your spiritual self and all else you need to live in peace and comfort will follow.

Humanity has gone through an evolutionary long struggle awakening to maintain a balanced state of being in order to allow the spirit to descend and take dominion of your sacred heart. It entails returning to your original magnificence by embracing your God-given divine light attributes.

It is time to become a Stewart of the earth, it’s resources and occupants. Use the gift of free will, embark on your purposed sacred mission. Get in tune to the forces of the universe, those that were created and have existed since creation, those that have supported all forms of life including yours since inception.

Prepare self to become a vessel of purified original exquisite magnificence.

You are loved most profoundly; remember, evolution is purposeful and not accidental.


Frank Odhiambo

Mind Grid Perspectives.

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