The world has stopped!

It’s as if the world has stopped so I can begin,

Begin by basics on hygiene, wash hands, sanitize, clean surfaces as well as stay home.

The world has stopped so you and I play our different roles collectively.

Stopped so you reevaluate and realign with purpose, as well as do something about it.

As if the world has stopped so you begin,

Begin afresh, because you have the time to put in the work, don’t you?

Begin on that idea, that long-forgotten dream or project you never began.

Begin by learning that new skill you’ve always procrastinated learning, that new fan or game!

It begins with you, I guess the world is at a halt, is so you can begin.

The world has stopped so we can begin,

Begin by relearning hygiene basics, handwashing, covering coughs and facemasks.

The world has stopped so we begin, begin by social distancing to stop new transmissions.

Begin by strengthening universal health care and avail medical care for all.

The world has stopped so we have a second chance at life, this time cleaner, healthier and better.

So the world has stopped,

For adults and kids alike, Preachers, politicians, Sport, career and business patrons, none spared.

Young and old, black and white, male and female, religious and spiritual alike.

Just like Lucky Dube once sang, “Different color, one people” time to put aside differences, work alike to survive common enemy.

No gender, skin, tribe, race in any country or continent bears immunity.

The world truly stopped so we,

Appreciate the simple things in life, the air we breathe, the health we have, the freedom enjoyed,

The sunrise and sunsets, the clear skies, the silence in the air without the many planes, the absence of politicians every day in the news, songs of the birds and the rich variety of rhythms,

The Sun birds on flowers for nectar and the doves on the rooftops,

The crows from the chicken and crows, the wind swaying the leaves.

Appreciate life, because the world has stopped so we stop and appreciate.

The world has stopped so it can

Refresh its waters, purify and clear its skies, the Himalayas is visible from Jalandhar in India, Mt Kenya visible from the Nairobi horizon. The whales, dolphins and other cetaceans are back to the now clear waters of the Venice canals.

Courtesy of OperaNewshub
Courtesy of

Revitalizing, rejuvenating, clearing pollution to bring back and restore lost energy and balance.

Let go of the old, make way for the new. Out the chaos, in the new creation,

An opportunity for both the world and individual to face inside, rectify, heal and harmonize discordance.

World is closed for repairs, #Stayhome #COVID19

By Frank Odhiambo

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