Bring more light to your work place

The workplace can be a dull and a heavy place for some, for others, an amazing vibrant haven for productivity. How is it for you?

There once was a man who wanted to return home by the name of Joseph. A family man with three children and a devoted wife. He went to work each day and found very little at his work place that had any significance other than his pay check.

Joseph sat at his desk each day and complained about all that was wrong at work as he did his job.

His coworkers didn’t tell him since they liked him as a friend, but his constant nagging about all that was wrong really got onto their nerves; They all had their lunch together and did nothing much during this gathering but downgrade the distanced management, their boss, the company and all that happened where they were employed. His coworkers were just like him in as far as the complaining was concerned.

The company was an old establishment with very few new people coming onboard, their employee base had been with them for years and years and had no need to hire many new people. Those that came left quickly because the tone and vibration of the company wasn’t conducive to new vibrational energies and so the new employees felt least welcomed or appreciated.

The company had earlier on decided long time ago that whenever an employee left, they wouldn’t hire a new one because like every other company, they needed to cut down on expenses. At some point, the company appeared as though it was struggling and slowly fading away.

It neither came up with new ideas nor promoted its staff for new challenges, they missed out on riding the waves of the ever changing business environment, thus was losing it’s customer base.

The customer base they had was old and already established, they were slowly fading into the sunset as the world continue to turn daily.

One day a key employee died on the job, they had never trained another into their position so his particular knowledge base had never been transferred to another. Like all the other employees, this employee was too afraid to teach any other into their position for fear of losing their jobs.

The environment at this work place grew stale and began to fill with negative and dark energies. Some “Business Relation Angels” had been concerned of this company for a long time and of course there had never been calls or invitations to refresh and reinvigorate this company.

Joseph took his hostile attitude back home to his family each day, his family on the other hand were quite frankly sick of it and would often leave him out when planning for new adventures, meetings, new ideas, functions and escapades when meeting new people. At the end of his busy day he would withdraw into his old lazy boy leather seat, catch up on the newspaper before losing himself to the tragedies of the daily news and the usual scheduled programs. Nothing new interested him, striving for nothing to spark, ignite or inspire his life and was slowly becoming a shell of his original self.

The company looked within for candidates fit enough to replace the vacant position and found no one suitable with the right set of skills and knowledge the man that died had. They looked outside and picked from the numerous applications they had received on their employment call for the position. They found one whose skill set was close and decided to offer this person the position. Of course they had not dived much into this persons background and thought they’d just hire him expecting he’d come to work and only do what the deceased employee used to do and nothing more.

The “Business Angels” cheered him on knowing he had been on a spiritual journey for about 10 years. During his interview and the first year of stay, he was so positively energized that he did not notice much vibrational difference, complete with such sincere demeanor and dedication to his work.

While he adapted and acclimatized to the energy of the office, he only thought he was there for work and continued dedicating his free time for spiritual works which helped him balance and develop himself. He became like a fresh breath of air to the company which was beginning to get infused with new energy and ideas on a daily basis. There was less complaining and higher productivity.

New ideas and customers found their way into the new company; as usual, no one thought of associating the credits to the new employee.

While his eyes were slowly unwrapping to the other employee’s energy and perception of the company, his rejection factor remained suppressed and as if the company was aware, they kept him pressured however, just enough to maintain him from turning the trigger that would set off the “I can’t stand it here” burden.

As time went by, new customers were coming and staying; with them unraveled new ideas.

The employees that resisted the subtle changes and hadn’t raised their vibrations got uncomfortable at the current atmosphere and decided to leave.

As each one left, a new person came in to take their place. Each new employee that came connected with the vibrancy of the new ideas, new ways of doing things were now being introduced. Of course, no one was given credit for those changes but it didn’t matter. The negativity was being pushed out the door to allow in light and space for the new. The company’s vital bottom lines were beginning to inch up showing signs of profitability.

Joseph at this time was of course in a department that had really transformed except for himself, he found the change uncomfortable but began seeing more and more positive effects and so decided to flex in with the wave of change.

He went home as usual every evening and there too he noted changes happening, his family had grown into a space where they could all participate in activities even in his absentia, the children he so dearly loved had grown so much and could maneuver around their home and schoolwork without requiring their father’s assistance, he felt left out and missing from his own life.

On realizing this, he started to involve himself more into the family activities where he felt more loved and appreciated. He found himself leaving work with a more positive attitude, even finding time to greet his colleagues every morning before settling in to work, something he had picked from the new employee.

He realized that he was finding new friends both at his work place and at home, not forgetting the neighbors; getting to know a few others much better.

His life was changing before his very own eyes, the family was getting excited of Joseph’s new change and lifestyle. His light and spark of change now extended on to the family and it began to work it’s wonders there as well, working past the family and extending without limitation.

Reading this article as a parable reveals that there is always a transformation when light is introduced in any space.

The big question we ask ourselves is how do we keep that transformational ball rolling both in and beyond our life?

Now that we see how a transformation process works subtly, how and what can you do within your families, neighborhoods, work places and communities to raise the vibration levels more and more?


  1. Suggest ways you can bring more light to your work place, a conversation, an Email or project.
  2. Whether as an employee, a manger, director or employer Identify your own positive effects to release your own negativity energy and the subsequent change each will spark.


This same principle works and is applicable in all aspects and setups, not just in business related setups but also in those that touch on any groupings, community or societal dynamics.

Remember that the energy you bring into your workplace is important and influential to others.

The effects and lessons realized in this article will not only affect your place of work but will change your perspective and that of the whole world eventually.

Staying focused on what is wrong and what it is you don’t like keeps your frequency low and depletes your available mental energies.

This article has been written to help those who would like their workplace to feel more habitable, conducive and positive as well as highly inspired and productive workforce.







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